Khmer empire


  • Period: 100 to 550

    The rise and fall of Funan.

    Funan kingdom begins and ends. Funan was the first known kingdom in the lower mikong river. Funan was the first important Hinduized Kingdom in South East Asia.
  • 113

    Angkor Wat is built.

    Angkor Wat is built.
    Angkor wat was built in the 12th century. it was built by Suryavarman II in dedication to the Hindu god Vishnu
  • 450

    The start of the Khmer empire

    The start of the Khmer empire
    The begining of the Khmer empire. It started in 450, this is the begining of one of the worlds greatest and most successful empires.
  • 500

    Khmer and India trade

    Khmer and India trade
    Evidence shows that the people from the Khmer empire may have traded many different goods and merchandise between people from India.
  • Period: 550 to Dec 31, 700

    Chenla replaces Funan

    Funan was once the dominant kingdom, it was more incoparated than replaced by the kingdom of Chenla.
  • Period: Jan 1, 770 to

    Jayavarman II unifies states.

    Jayavarman II gathers the smaller states and cities and unifies them to create one large empire. The capital of the empire is located in the Angkor region of Cambodia.
  • Oct 27, 1140

    Phnom Penh

    Phnom Penh
    After Angkor is abandoned the Khmer rulers relocate the capital to the city named as Phom Penh. It is now the largets city in Cambodia.
  • Oct 27, 1219

    Jayavarman VII defeats the Chams

    Jayavarman VII defeats the Chams
    Jayavarman VII defeats the Chams after they invaded most of the Khmer empire's eastern territory in 1178. When kig Jayavarman defeated the Chams he may have been over 60 years old. he further expanded the empire to an extent where it would take over modern day Laos, Thailand and Myanmar.
  • Oct 27, 1243

    Jayavarman VIII becomes ruler

    Jayavarman VIII becomes ruler
    King Jayavarman VIII takes over the rule from Jayavarman VII, He states that Hindhuism is the main Religion. He orders that all Buddhist temples and anything to do with buddhism be destroyed.
  • Oct 27, 1432

    Khmer disappears

    Khmer disappears
    After the attacks by the thai army, in 1431 and the terrible 5 years of Drought and 1 year of monsune, the Khmers abandon Angkor. over centuries the the jungle grw over the city and its area becomes forgotten.
  • Siamese kings attack

    Siamese kings attack
    The Siamese kins attack the khmer people, they kill the Khmer King. The thai army used many weapons, but one of their main tools was the elephant.
  • Vietnamese defeat Khmer

    Vietnamese defeat Khmer
    Vietnamese armies regularly attack the Khmer forces, in the Mekong River delta, the vietnamese attacks are too much for the Khmer to handle, The borders of modern Cambodia are now determined. This is the end of the Khmer Empire.
  • Jayavarman II enthroned

    Jayavarman II enthroned
    Jayavarman becomes the ruler of the Khmer empire. he is enthroned under the name "Devaraja" which means the God-King.
  • Jayavarman II passes.

    Jayavarman II passes.
    Jayavarman II moves to Hariharalaya and constructs his last royal palace in 834, in 850 ad King Jayavarman II dies.
  • Jayavarman III becomes king

    Jayavarman III becomes king
    Jayavarman III becomes the new ruler of the Khmer empire after his fathers death in Hariharalaya. there is not much known about Jayavarman III other than he enjoyed hunting elephants and possibly died doing so.
  • Indravarman becomes king.

    Indravarman becomes king.
    Jayavarman III dies, possibly whilst hunting elephants. His cousn Indravarman becomes the new ruler.
  • Period: to Dec 31, 1145

    Change in Khmer

    The Khmer empire begins to expand due to the rule of Jayavarman II. Angkor Wat is built in recognition of the Hindu god, Shiva. Buddhism continues to become important.