Timeline of the Khmer Empire

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    The trade between the Khmer and Indian people

    When Indian merchant adventurers visited the Khmers their ideas and beliefs changed the Khmer Empire. These Indian merchant adventurers were able to tell their story was because that the monsoon winds blew fromwest to east and their shipsnwere carried bythis wind to South East Asia. After reaching land they waith six monthsfor the winds to blow the opposite direction in order to get home. So this gave them
    plenty of time to tell their beliefs such as their gods like
    Bibliography: HiTB
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    The Beggining of the Khmer Empire

    This was the start of the Khmer Empire in the Mekong River Region, but lower. This empire as a powerful Hnidu-Buddhist kingdom however, this empire grew out from another kindom called the 'Kingdom of Funan'. The first Khmer king was named Rudravarman. The words at the end' varman' means to be' protected by'.
  • Apr 11, 1100

    Building of the Baphuon Temple

    Building of the Baphuon Temple
    The Temple Baphuon is located in Angkor,Angkor Thom, Cambodia. This temple was built in the 11th century and that it is a three-tiered temple mountain. Baphuon Temple was built as the same state temple of Udayadityavarman II for their belief Hindu god Vishnu.
  • Aug 24, 1117

    Cham kingdom invades much of Khmer Empire's eastern territory

    When Jayavarman II expanded his empire into Vietnam, they diidn't like that so the chams of Vietnam regrouped , since the expansion made the Vietnamese state of Champa angry, launched a comeback. This doing sacked Angkor and killing the present king of that time. But the Khmer people didin't give up so they launched an attack lead by the cousin of the executed and regain Angkor and successfully they did in 1180AD. Then the cousin was crowned king.
  • Dec 29, 1500

    The fall of the Khmer Empire

    When Jayavarman VII passed away things in the Khmer Empire began to slip away. Later years, the Thais attacked the Khmer Empire a few times, but failed. Then finally succeed and destroy the Khmer Empire and sacked the Angkor. Some of the Khmers had to be forced to leave and abandoned their homes.
  • Jan 7, 1501

    Khmers relocating to fin a new home

    Aftyer being forced to abandon thier precious empire and homes the khmers had to find another place to relocate and survive. There they regrouped in anew capital at Phnom Penh which is many miles of the south of the Khmwr empire. The Khmers were fighting for survivial.
  • Religion Beliefs

    Religion Beliefs
    The Khmers had two beliefs; Hinduism and Buddism however, Hinduism was more of a former and popular religion, since the ancient times. In the Khmer civilization, Hindu had played a big role as Angkor monarchs adopts its rule deve-raja meaning 'god-king', by which the king is incarnated by the God Shiva a supreme Hindu deity who was regarded as a protector.
  • The construction of Banteay Srei

    The construction of Banteay Srei
    This temple was built in the(967) 10th century AD made out of deep red sandstone with low walls. They say that the reliefs on this temple had only been made by a woman. These drawings show some of the Hindu Tales. Furthermore, when this was bult this was not built for the king, but instead for their praying to their god, Shiva.
  • Expansion of the Empire and the legendary of Angkor Wat

    In 802AD a offical Khmer in the Javanese court, returned to his homeland declaring himself as a godking (devaraj) and naming himself Jayavarman II.Then Khmer Empire expanded it into Thailand and Vietnam and then built the most famous temple of all; The Angkor Wat. The most famous building that we have found today.
  • The building of Preah Ko

    Khmer king Jayavarman II found the Khmer empire and established his capital at Hariharalaya. Indravarman I was the nephew of Jayavarman II so he got the throne and ordered to build the Preah Ko in 879 first and then build a later temple - mountain called Bakong.