Khmer empire

Khmer Empire Timeline

  • Period: 100 to

    The known start to the very end of the Khmer empire

    This is the known dates from the prominant start to the Khmer Empire to the end of uts reign in 1700 A.D.
  • 550

    Fall of Funan

    Fall of Funan
    The ancient kingdom of Funan where the Khmers descended from in Oc Eo falls from monsoonal weather and the lack of resources coming to the South-East. This is the last date in which it falls.
  • Period: 550 to Nov 29, 700

    Chenla replaces Funan

    Chenla one of the ancient kingdoms replaces the Funan kingdom in want it becomes the Khmer empire.
  • Aug 28, 1145

    The construction of Angkor Wat

    The construction of Angkor Wat
    Under Jayavarman II rule they construct Angkor Wat as a showing of Javayarman II as a devaraja and the power of the Khmers.
  • Period: Sep 21, 1181 to Dec 28, 1219

    The great expansion limit of Khmer Empire

    Under the rule of Jayavarman VII he expands the empire further to Thailand and defeats the Chams leaving Burma and Laos as part of the Khmer's.
  • May 19, 1200

    The Wall and expansion

    The Wall and expansion
    Jayavarman VII expands the empire further east to Champa and builds a 3.5 mile wall around the city. The empire is beginning to decline and become broke from over resourcing and unwise use of those sources.
  • Aug 29, 1418

    Le Loi

    Le Loi
    Wealthy philanthropist Le Loi brought the Lam Son uprising and brought people in the countryside to defeat the Chinese in 1428 A.D leaving it finally from under Chinese rule.
  • Period: Nov 19, 1428 to Dec 29, 1524

    Le Dynasty

    This dynasty after the battle against the Chinese in 1428 finally making Vietnam fully independent Le Loi is the emperor of this dynasty and his relatives.
  • Sep 15, 1432

    The abandonment of Angkor

    The abandonment of Angkor
    After the kingdom over resourced itself rom money to not keeping its people satisfied and monsoonal weather and drought and the year before the Thais attack leaving Angkor as a retreat. Over the years jungle and rainforest cover Angkor.
  • The final end of the Khmer Empire

    The final end of the Khmer Empire
    As the Khmer are weakened from attacks from the Thai's and the Vietmanese after moving from Angkor from over resourcing and bad weather the Vietmanese repeatedly attack them and killed the last Khmer king and the empire. Cambodia's borders today are still under dispute.
  • Trung Sisters Nationalist revolts.

    Trung Sisters Nationalist revolts.
    When the Chinese settled in the River Delta about 2nd century B.C rulers and officials didn't like their imposement of a centralised state. In 40 A.D the Trung sisters raised an army of people and revolted against the Chinese governor making him flee. But in 43 A.D the Chinese counterattacked and destroyed them but instead of surrender the Trung's commited suicide. [Note: Ignore 1940 as its supposed to be 40 A.D but it only goes far as 100 A.D.
  • Independence from China

    Independence from China
    When the Chinese 10th century dynasty the Tangs collapsed patriot Ngo Quyen used the advantage of the Chinese being weakened defeat the armies in the battle of the Bach Dang river which ends the 1000 years of Chinese rule.
  • The enthroned Jayavarman II

    The enthroned Jayavarman II
    After knowingly killing his uncle in a raid and bringing the states together to form a large kingdom Jayavarman II is enthroned as devaraja [God-King].
  • Jayavarman II Death

    Jayavarman II Death
    Jayavarman the II dies of bad health and his cousin Jayavarman the III succeeds the throne.
  • Succession of Yasovarman I

    Succession of Yasovarman I
    Yasovarman I succeeds Indravarman and expands the empire further and begins building Angkor Wat.
  • Period: to Dec 26, 1500

    Start and fall of the Khmer Empire

    Despite the Khmer Empire known early than the time span dates the start was well known by Jayavarman II but the Khmers started from the wars from China dating back to the 2000 BC. 802 A.D is when Jayavarman II is enthroend and 1500 A.D was the near end of the Khmer's before the 1700s where it finally ended from a attack from the Vietmanese.
  • Period: to Oct 20, 1145

    Unification of states

    Jayavarman II brings together the small states of Cambodia to Vietnam and forms one large empire being the Khmer. The Angkor region of Cambodia is the capital.