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History of the Khmer Empire

  • 100

    Beginning of South- East Asia Indianisation

  • Period: 100 to 500

    Nothing much happens here ( Indianisation)

    Nothing major happens in Cambodia during this time.However,it is in the process of being Indianised.This heavily effects and influences Cambodian life in future times.Mostly in areas such as politics, religion and just general culture.
  • 550

    Rudravarman of Funan dies

    Rudravarman of Funan dies
    Although the Khmer empire was one the biggest empire in South-East Asia at the time,it shared many charcteristics of an earlier state called Funan.Rudravarman was the last ruler of Funan, which was located near the Mekong Delta.During the time of 550 CE, Funan was one of the most important trade powers in the area.It as known as the meeting of east and west.Pictured : ancient momument from Funan Empire.
  • 550

    ( Funan continued)

    ( Funan continued)
    There is much evidence that shows how much Funan was in contact with other parts of the world.This evidence includes Persian,Roman, Greek,Indian and Chinese artifacts discovered by archealogists in the Funan region and also the fact that there is a major province in modern day China called Funan.Pictured ; silver coin from the Funan Empire.
  • Period: Jan 1, 657 to

    Jayavarman l reign

  • Jan 1, 1002

    Start of Civil war fought between Jayaviraman and Suryavarman

  • Period: Jan 1, 1010 to Jan 1, 1050

    Suryavarman l reign

    Suryavaran was a great leader, who is known for establishing relationships with different dynastys in other countries, in doing so, he expaned his empire.He once sent a chariot as a present to the emperor of the Chola dynasty in southern India.He managed to expand the empire to the south and
    east into Thailand.
  • Jan 1, 1011

    Dynasty of the Sun is founded

  • Jan 1, 1080

    Mahidharapura Dynasty is founded

  • Jan 1, 1113

    Beginning of Suryavarman ll reign

    Beginning of Suryavarman ll reign
    Suryavarman is probably most well known for building Angkor Wat, (pictured) which was dedicated to the God Vishnu and took 37 years to build.This was even during a time of much conflict and battle.He managed to bring the empire together.He expanded the empire even more than his predecessor.He spread the empire in to what is now Burma, Thailand and Laos.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1181 to Jan 1, 1220

    Jayavarman Vll reign

    During his reign,Jayavarman Vll lead his empire through many wars with neighbouring kingdoms.Despite this,Jayavarman was experienced, as he was once the militay when he was a prince.He thought he was destined to be king,and defeated his father to get there.One of his greatest achievements was defeating Champa in 1203, and conquering much of it's territory.
  • Jan 1, 1431

    The fall of the Khmer Empire

    There are many theories on the reason why the Khmer Empire.Although most historians agree that it could have been from a range of factors.These factors include the wars between the Muslim state of Cham,wars with the Thai.There are also many ecological theories,such as drought and climate change.
  • Kingdom splits

    Kingdom splits
    After the divergence of the kingdom,Jayavarman lV established Koh Ker (pictured), which became the new capital of the empire.
  • Empire Founded by Jayavarman ll

    Empire Founded by Jayavarman ll
    This is when the actual Khmer Empire begins.Jayavarman ll is officially recognised as its founder.This is when he declared himself "King of the World".The Angkor period is a rich part of Cambodian history, and Jayavarman is widely known as the man who set the foundations of Angkor.
  • Yasodharapura established

    Yasodharapura established
    Yasodharapura was established by Yasovarman,and became the new capital.It is officialy recognised as the first city of Angkor.On a hill sixty metres above the plain wher Angkor sits,is where the main temple of Yasodharapura was built ( pictured with tourists on it).As well as this city,Yasovarman was also the man behind the massive East Baray.
  • Indravarman l builds monuments

    Indravarman l builds monuments
    During his time Indravarman built many monuments.These included temples that are now tourist hotspots in Cambodia, such as Preah Ko (pictured),Bakong temples and the Indratataka Baray.A baray is a man made rectangular body of water.Some historians think they were built for spiritual reasons,others think it was used in water irrigation.Indravarman l managed to finance all these extensive building projects
    because of the wealth he brought to the empire through agriculture and trade.
  • Period: to

    Jayavarman ll reign

  • Period: to

    Jayavarman lll reign

  • Period: to

    Indravarman l reign

    Although, he did not rule for as long as other leaders,Indravarman l achieved quite alot.He managed to expand the kingdom, but without war.
  • Period: to

    Yasovarman l reign

  • Period: to Jan 1, 720

    Queen Jayadevi reign

  • Period: to

    Harshavarman l reign

  • Period: to

    Rajendravarman ll reign