Angkor/Khmer Empire

  • 100

    Indianisation Starts in South-East Asia

    Indianisation in South-east Asia is commencing
  • Period: 100 to

    Pre-Angkorian era

    The time before the founding of the Khmer Empire
  • 500

    The entire of South-east Asia is Indianised

    South east asia has been influenced with indian culture, religion and politics.
  • 550

    Rudravarman of Funan dies

    The last recorded ruler of the region of Funan has died. The region then gets absorbed into the Zhenla region.
  • Jan 1, 657

    Jayavarman I's Reign begins

    Jayavarman becomes the king of the Zhenla region
  • Jan 1, 720

    End of Queen Jayadevi's Rule

    Jayadevi dies and is the last recorded monarch of her dynasty.
  • Jan 1, 1002

    Civil war is fought between Jayaviravarman and Suryavarman

    Civil war breaks out in the empire. A fight for power is fought between Jayaviravarman and Suryavarman
  • Jan 1, 1010

    End of Civil war. Suryavarman is victorious

    Suryavarman has claimed power in the empire and is now king upon the defeat of Jayaviravarman. Civil war ends.
  • Jan 1, 1011

    Suryavarman founds the Dynasty of the Sun

    Suryavarman begins a new dynasty to which he called the Dynasty of the Sun
  • Jan 1, 1050

    End of the Sun Dynasty

    Suryavarman's new Dynasty has ended
  • Jan 1, 1080

    Jayavarman VI founds the Mahidharapura Dynasy

    Jayavarman VI becomes ruler and founds the Mahidharapura Dynasty.
  • Jan 1, 1107

    End of the Mahidharapura Dynasty

    The Mahidharapura dynasty ends
  • Jan 1, 1113

    Suryavarman II begins his reign and builds Angkow Wat and Beng Mealea

    Suryavarman II is crowned age 14 after assassinating the previous unknown king of the empire. He starts construction of Angkor Wat, the biggest Hindu temple in the South-east of Asia.
  • Jan 1, 1150

    End of Suryavarman II's rule

    Suryavarman dies and is buried in the now completed Angkor Wat after 32 years of hard labor
  • Jan 1, 1181

    Jayavarman VII reigns, he builds many beneficial infrastructures in Angkor

    Jayavarman VII is King and builds many benificial infrastructures to the Angkor region.
  • Jan 1, 1220

    End of Jayavarman VII's Rule. Indravarman II reigns

    Indravarman II succeeds Jayavarman VII shortly after his death
  • Jan 1, 1243

    End of Indravarman II reigns. Jayavarman VIII reigns

    Jayavarman VIII takes over Indravarman II's rule after HIS death
  • Jan 1, 1243

    Buddhism is replaced with Hinduism. Images of Buddha removed

    Jaysvarman VIII has made Hinduism the core religion in the Khmer Empire, all pictures and references of Buddha has been removed and replaced with Hindu images
  • Jan 1, 1295

    End of Jayavarman VIII's Reign

    Jayavarman VIII dies and becomes one of the last recorded Kings in Khmer history
  • Jan 1, 1296

    Zhou Daguan visits Angkor and records about their Daily life

    A Chinese scholar Zhou Daguan visits the Khmer Empire from China and records about the daily life and culture of the people
  • Jan 1, 1431

    Thai sack Angkor. the Khmer moves capital to Phnom Penh

    People from Thailand has invaded Angkor and forces the residents out. The capital is then moved to Phnom Penh
  • Henri Mouhot visits the Angkor ruins to recorded his findings

    French explorer and zoologist, Henri Mouhot, travels to modern Cambodia to Angkor and records his observations.
  • Death of Henri Mouhot

    Mouhots dies. His research of Angkor is published. People believed he had discovered the now lost civilisation despite not claiming to have found it during his lifetime.
  • Jayavarman I's rule ends

    Jayavarman is no longer king due to his death
  • Queen Jayadevi Reigns

    Jayadevi, Jayavarman's daughter, became her father's successor and becomes queen of Funan
  • Jayavarman II's rule ends

    Jayavarman dies, but the Empire still goes on
  • Indravarman I builds Preah Ko, Bakong temples and the Indratataka Baray

    Indravarman starts building great religious temples around the empire
  • Completion of Preah Ko, Bakong Temple and the Indratataka Baray is finished

    Indravarman has succeeded in building these temples
  • Harshavarman I reigns

    Harshavarman becomes the next leader of the empire.
  • Harshavarman I's rule ends

    End of the reighn of Harhavarman
  • Rajendravarman II reigns; he returns to the capital to the Angkor Region

    Rajendravarman become the next ruler of the Khmers
  • End of Rajendravarman II's rule

    Rajendravarman's rule ends upon death
  • Jayavarman II founds the Khmer Empire

    Jayavarman II forcibly unites the Khmer states and regions into what is now the Khmer Empire.
  • Period: to Jan 1, 1500

    Khmer Empire

    The great Khmer empire has been founded