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Khmer Empire Timeline

By zozozo
  • Period: 100 to 550

    The rise and fall of Funan

    The kingdom of Funan rose and fell. The kingdom of Funan was the very first society in the lower Mekong River regions. The river was their main source of water and food.
  • 500

    Evidence of trade between Khmer and the Indians

    The Indians traded with the Khmers. The Indians greatly influenced the Khmers in their religion, culture and tradition.
  • Period: 550 to Nov 28, 700

    Chenla replaced Funan

    The kingdom of Funan was now replaced by the state of Funan as a dominant kingdom.
  • Period: Nov 28, 770 to Nov 28, 1432

    The reign of the Khmer Empire

    This period is the reign of the Khmer Empire. Established by Jayavarman II, this Empire is one of the greatest in all history and lasted for many hundreds of years.
  • Period: Nov 28, 770 to

    Jayavarman II unified smaller states

    King Jayavarman II united the small states to create one large Empire that was to rule for many hundreds of years.
  • Period: Nov 26, 1177 to Nov 26, 1178

    Cham Kingdom Invades!

    Cham kingdom invades much of Khmer Empire's eastern territory
  • Period: Nov 27, 1191 to Nov 27, 1219

    Jayavarman VII expanded the territory

    Jayavarman VII defeated the Chams. Jayavarman expanded his territory well into neighbouring kingdoms like modern day Loas, Burman and Thailand. He had expanded the kingdom to its greatest limits.
  • Nov 28, 1200

    Empire's power declines

    Empire's power declines
    The Empire's power started to decline because the Khmer Empire then had a huge army. With so many men to feed, train and make weapons for, the Empire simply broke. It did not have enough resources to support its army. The king was Jayavarman VII.
  • Period: Nov 28, 1243 to Nov 28, 1298

    The Power of Jayavarman the VIII

    King Jayavarman VIII became the new leader and he denounced Buddahism in order to give more power to Hinduism.
  • Nov 26, 1300

    Buddhism becomes important

    Buddhism becomes important
    Buddhism grows in importance and the Khmer kings used it again as a main religion. Before, Buddhism was not tolerated be the devaraja because it did not involve a earthly god. Buddahism came from India.
  • Nov 27, 1432

    The Khmers abandon Angkor Wat

    The Khmers abandon Angkor Wat
    The Khmers abandoned Angkor Wat and moved to Phnom Penh. They established their new capital city there. This marks the end of the Khmer Empire.
  • Jayavarman II as a devaraja

    Jayavarman II as a devaraja
    Jayavarman II was enthroned as a devaraja. A devaraja was a god-king. He was like an earthly god. People saw him as a natural leader, chosen by the gods. He was also the first devaraja.
  • Period: to Nov 27, 1145

    The construction of Angkor Wat

    The empire expanded greatly and the Angkor Wat, which was surrounded by a moat, was built for the gods and the devaraja. King Suryavarman II was then the present king.
  • Period: to

    King Yasovarman moves capital

    King Yasovarman I decided to move the capital to Angkor.