The Angkor/Khmer Empire in Time

  • Period: Apr 27, 802 to Apr 27, 1431

    The Angkor and Khmer Empire

    This empire covered most of the land today known as Thailand, Cambodia, Southern Vietnan, and Laos. It lasted from about 802 to 1431. Their religions differed from animism to buddism althoug majority was hinduism. Te khmer people were obviously amazing builders as they built many temples and large resouviors which allowed them to farm and gain water easily. But no-one knows exactly how the empire fell.
  • Period: Apr 30, 802 to Apr 30, 835

    Jarvayman II is in Reign

    Jayavarman II established four capitals for his kingdom.
    He used wars, alliances and marriages to expand the area under his control.
    He built several hindu temples
    Decades after Jayavarman V’s death were years of fierce power struggles among the Khmer ruling class
  • May 2, 802

    Jayavarman II Founds The Khmer Empire

    Jayavarman II founds the Khmer Empire in Cambodia
  • Period: Apr 30, 889 to Apr 30, 910

    Yasovarman I is in Reign

    Yasovarman constructed a new capital called Yasodharapura
    He also constructed a giant reservoir measuring 7.5 km by 1.8 km in the angkor area
  • Period: Apr 30, 944 to Apr 30, 968

    Rajendravarman II is in Reign

    He Built a series of temples at angkor
    During his reign the Khmers had their first war with Champa
  • Period: Apr 30, 968 to Apr 30, 1001

    Jayavarman V is in Reign

    Made the khmer court a centre for scholars and artists
  • Apr 30, 1113

    Start of Construction on Angkor Wat

    Suryavarman II commences the construction of Angkor Wat which takes an estimated 32 years to build. Angkor Wat also helped us to gain an understanding of neigbouring societies like th emerging kingdoms in Thailand.
  • Period: Apr 30, 1113 to Apr 30, 1145

    Suryavarman II is in Reign

    Extended the Khmer empire by conquering Hariphunchai and south western thailand.
    In the east and north to several provinces of Champa and expanded north to the present southern border of Laos.
    He also commenced the construction of Angkor Wat
    After Suryavarman II’s death the Cham invaded the Khmer empire
  • Apr 30, 1145

    Angkor Wat is Completed

    Angkor Wat was built in an estimated 32 years and was dedicated to the God Vishnu. Inside the temple are inscription about the religions and rulers of the Khmer Empire.
  • Period: Apr 30, 1167 to Apr 30, 1177

    King Tribhuvanadityavarman is in Reign

    Was killed by the Cham when they invaded after Suryavarman II’s death
    The cham also sacked the Khmer capital
  • Apr 30, 1177

    Cham Invaders Take Control of the Khmer Capital

    The Cham took control of Yasodharapura and executed the King.
  • Apr 30, 1181

    Angkor Thom is Built

    Angkor Thom is built under the reign of Jayavarman VII and it was completed in 1215. Inside on eo fthe temples inside Angkor Wat (Bayon Temple) has 11 000 carved figures which cover around 1.2 kilometers of walls. These include scenes of battles against the Chams and many are of everyday life.
  • Period: Apr 30, 1181 to Apr 30, 1218

    Jayavarman VII is in Reign

    Waged war against Champa for twenty two years
    Conquered much of the Champa’s land
    Was a follower of Mahayana Buddhism and made it the state religion.
    Under his reign the Khmers built Angkor Thom, including its Bayon Temple, along with many other temples, roads, hospitals and rest houses for travellers and traders
    After his death no other temples were built and the Khmer lost much of it’s territory they had conquered in Champa to their east.
  • May 2, 1181

    The Khmer Empire Reaches its Full Extent

    Under Jayavarman VII, the Khmer Empire reaches its full extent.
  • Period: Apr 30, 1243 to Apr 30, 1295

    Jayavarman VIII is in Reign

    Wanted to return to hinduism
    Converted buddhist temples to hindu temples and destroyed many thousands of Buddha images
    During his reign the Khmer Empire was threatened by the Mongol Empire
    Jayavarman VIII paid tribute to the Mongols to avoid war which made the Khmer Empire a vassal state of the Mongols
    Four years later it proved to be a wise decision when the Mongols defeated and captured Bagan
    He was overthrown by his son in law Srindravarman
  • May 2, 1283

    Jayavarman VIII Pays Tribute

    jayavarman pays tribute to Kublai Khan's Mongols to avoid war. Which later proved to be a wise decision.
  • Period: Apr 30, 1295 to Apr 30, 1308

    Srindravarman is in Reign

    Introduced Theravada Buddhism to the Khmer Empire (Theravada Buddism dd not demand temples)
    After the reign of his successor ended, it marked the ned of the classical period.
  • May 2, 1295

    Srindravarman Introduces Theravada Buddism

    After Srindravarman deposes of Jayavarman VIII he introduces Theravada Buddism which was already the more populur religion.
  • May 2, 1327

    The End of the Classical Period

    The classical period ends with the last known inscription on a pillar.
  • Apr 27, 1431

    Ankgor is Abandoned by the Khmer Rulers

    The Thais sack Angkor and it is abandoned by the Khmer rulers.