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The Khmer Kingdom Timeline

  • 500

    Funan Kingdom

    Funan Kingdom
    First known Kingdom in the lower Mekong River region, Funan, rises and falls.
    About 1-500CE
  • 500

    Trade between India and the Khmer Empire

    Trade between India and the Khmer Empire
    Evidence of trade between the Khmer and India peoples.
    About 500CE.
  • Oct 26, 770

    Jayavarman II unifies all the small empires.

    Jayavarman II unifies all the small empires.
    Jayvarman II Unifies all the small empires into one large Empire. Chenla was renamed Kambuja.
    This takes place about 770-834CE
  • Oct 26, 1177

    Cham invades Khmer

    Cham invades Khmer
    Cham Kingdom invades much of Khmer Empires eastern territory.
    This happens about 1177-1178CE.
  • Oct 26, 1181

    Khmer defeat Cham

    Khmer defeat Cham
    Jayavarman VII defeats the Chams and expands the empire to the furthest extent to incorporate much of present day Laos, Thailand and Burma.
    This happened around 1181-1219CE.
  • Oct 26, 1200

    Jayavarman VIII

    Jayavarman VIII
    Rule of Jayavarman VIII, he renounces Buddhism and orders that buddhist temples and images be destroyed and Hinduism becomes the main religion
  • Oct 26, 1300

    Buddism grows

    Buddism grows
    Buddhism grows in importance and becomes the main religion of the Khmer kings.
  • Oct 26, 1431

    Thai-Khmer war

    Thai-Khmer war
    Thai armies attack Angkor.
    About 1431 CE
  • Oct 26, 1432

    Angkor abandoned

    Angkor abandoned
    Khmers abandon Angkor. Over subsiquent centuries, the jungle grows on and around Angkor and Angkor is lost.
  • Oct 26, 1440

    Phnom Penh becomes capital

    Phnom Penh becomes capital
    Khmer rulers relocate Phnom Penh capital city.
  • Thai king defeats Khmer king.

    Thai king defeats Khmer king.
    Siamese (Thai) king attacks and defeats Khmer King.
  • Vietnamese atteck Khmer

    Vietnamese atteck Khmer
    Vietnamese forces repeatadly attack Khmer forces in Mekong river delta and defeat Khmer. The approximate modern borders of Camboda are now determained.
  • Jayavarman II comes to throne

    Jayavarman II comes to throne
    Jayavarman II is enthroned as a Devaraja (god-king).
    This happens around 802CE
  • Angkor Wat is built

    Angkor Wat is built
    The Khmer empire expands and Angkor Wat is built. Buddhism becomes important.
    About 834-1145CE
  • Jayavarman II dies

    Jayavarman II dies
    Jayavarman II moves his capital city from Kulen to Hariharalaya, near the inland lake Tonle Sap. Here he constructed his last royl palace and died around 850CE.
  • Jayavarman III is suceeded by his cousin.

    Jayavarman III is suceeded by his cousin.
    Jayavarman III is succeeded by his cousin Indravarman in 877CE, who further expanded the system of artificial lakes and irrigation canals.
  • Indravarman dies

    Indravarman Dies.
    Around 889
  • Five kings

    Five kings
    After Yasovarman's death five differant kings ruled the empire over the next 50 years but only the first two were descendants of Yasovarman.
    this took place aroun 900CE-950CE