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History of the Angkor and Khmer Empire

By tfantin
  • Period: Jan 1, 800 to Jan 1, 1500

    Rise and Decline of the Khmer Empire

  • Jan 1, 802

    Khmer Empire is founded

    Khmer Empire is founded
    Jayavarman II founds the Khmer Empire in Cambodia. To expand the area, he used wars, alliances and marriages. He built several Hindu temples which served as the mausoleums of the Khmer kings when they died.
  • Jan 1, 850

    Jayavarman II dies

  • Jan 1, 889

    Yasovarman I (889-900)

    Yasovarman I (889-900)
    Yasovarman's reign. He constructed a new capital called Yasodharapura and 100 monastries with it. He then built a massive reservoir in the Angkor area.
  • Jan 1, 944

    Rajendravarman II reign (944-968)

    He built a series of temples at Angkor.
    He led the Khmer's in their first war with Champa.
  • Jan 1, 968

    Jayavarman V (968-1001)

    Jayavarman V took over the Khmer court after his father Rajendravarman.
    Under his rule the Khmer court became a centre for scholars and artists, which helped to educate the people of the Khmer area.
  • Jan 1, 1113

    Suryavarman II reign (1113-1150)

    Suryavarman II came to power after killing a rival prince in a battle fought on war elephants.
    He conquered Haripunchai and south-western Thailand, up to the border with Bagan. In the east and north he took several provinces of Champa, therefore extending the Khmer Empire.
    He commenced the construction of Angkor Wat, the greatest of all Khmer temples. It was dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu and took 37 years to build.
  • Jan 1, 1177

    Cham's Invasion

    After Suryavarman II's death, the Cham rowed up the Mekong River and across Tonle sap in war canoes and invaded the Khmer Empire. The sacked the Khmer capital and killed King Tribhuvanadityavarman.
  • Jan 1, 1181

    Jayavarman VII becomes King (1181-1215)

    Jayavarman VII waged war against Champa for twenty-two years and conquered much of its land.
    He was a follower of Mahayana Buddhism and he made this the new state religion.
    Under his reign the Khmers built Angkor Thom (great city) and its Bayon Temple. He also built many other temples, roads, hospitals and rest-houses for traders and travellers.
  • Jan 1, 1238

    Empire Weakening

    After Jayavarman VII's death, no other temples were built. The Khmer's lost most of the territory they had conquered in Champa to their east. In the west, several Thai nobles rebelled, establishing the first Thai kingdom at Sukhothai.
  • Jan 1, 1243

    Jayavarman VIII (1243-1295)

    Jayavarman VIII wanted the Khmer's to return to Hinduism. He converted Buddhist temples to Hindu temples and destroyed thousands of Buddha images.
    During his reign, the Khmer Empire was threatened by the Mongol Empire, a much more powerful empire to the north. In 1283, he paid tribute to the Mongols to avoid war. This made the Khmer Empire a vassal state of the Mongols.
  • Jan 1, 1295

    Srindravarman (1295-1309)

    Srindravarman overthrew his father-in-law Jayavarman VIII.
    He introduced Theravada Buddhism to the Khmer Empire.
  • Jan 1, 1400

    Thai's sacked Angkor