SEA ancient Civilization timeline

By enoodee
  • Period: 802 BCE to 1500

    Khmer Empire

    Location: Khmer, huge parts of Thailand, Laos, Lower China It is the most successful ancient empire
  • 100

    Funan's establishment

    The kingdom is founded as the first Hindu Kingdom
  • Period: 100 to 545

    Funan Empire

    Location: Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, lower Makong Delta Capital: Vyadapura or the City of Hunters in Khmer language Risen to prominence in 1 A.D., Funan is a kingdom with an impressive wealth and an extraordinary network. It stood as one of the earliest most powerful kingdoms in Southeast Asia. Its economy was based on maritime trade and a well-developed agricultural system
  • 150

    The silk road

    The Silk trade route between China and the Roman Empire led to the prosperity of the Funan Kingdom.
  • 300


    Funan start to trade with many countries such as the Mediterranean, Persia, India, China and Indonesia
  • 545

    Fall of Funan

    Chela Kingdom had conquered Funan as its vassal state
    This leands to the fall of Funan kingdom.
  • 600


    Historian found that Dvaravati settlements appear to have been at Nakhon Pathom.
  • Period: 600 to 1100


    Location: Chao Phraya River Basin Dvaravati is considered to be the epicenter of the spread of Indian culture in the region. It is the first Mon Kingdom to be fouded.
  • 683

    Srivijayas establishment

    The empire is founded in the Malayu
  • Period: 683 to 1300


    Location: South of Thailand, Malay Archipelago, Malaysia Srivijaya was the first unified kingdom to dominate much of Malay archipelago. Because of its location, the state became a booming port and became prosperous because of its prestige goods-based economy.
  • 700


    Srivijaya rose to become a hegemon in Southeast Asia.
  • 750

    Construction of Boddhisattva

    The bronze torso and the head of a bodhisattva have been built.
  • 802

    Founding of Khmer Empire

    King Jayavarman II declared himself as the chakravertin (king of the world) thus forming the ingdom of Khmer.
  • 834

    Construction of Angkor wat

    King Suryavarman II constructed the Angkor Wat which is dedicated to Phra Vishnu of the Hindu religion. The place became one of the 7 wonders of the world. "See Angkor and die" - Arnold Toynbee
  • 900

    Construction of Wat Chama Tevi

    Chama Tevi is built. It is one of the few surviving examples of Dvaravati religions.
  • 990


    King Dharmawangsa of Java launched a naval invasion against Srivijaya, and Srivijaya emerged victorious.
  • 1025


    the king of Chola in South India sent a fleet to Sumatra, destroying the cities, marking the end of its golden era.
  • 1100

    Fall of Dvaravati

    The kingdom fell during the Khmer expansion.
  • 1177


    Khmer was invaded by Cham kingdom, but the Cham Kingdom was defeated by Khmer in 1181
  • 1181

    The golden age of Khmer

    King Jayamwarman VII, considered as Cambodia's greatest king, soon defeated the Chams and conquerd them. He builded a new capitol callled the Angkor Thom.
  • 1290

    Fall of Srivijaya

    : The Kingdom was conquered by Singhasari
  • 1290

    Fall of Srivijaya

    The Kingdom was conquered by Singhasari
  • Sukhothai

    The Thais defeated the Khmer and established their own kingdom, Sukhothai
  • Fall of Khmer

    After the repeated attacks from the vietnamese, the empire colllapsed.