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Timeline of the Khmer Empire

  • 500

    South-East Asia is indiansied

    Between the years of 100 CE and 500 CE South East Asia is affected by the cultural, religious and political practises of India although mixed the practices with their own ways.
  • Oct 10, 657

    Jayavarman 1 reigns 657-681Ce

    He ruled from approximately 657 to 681. Over the course of his reign Jayavarman I is known by many as the first ruler/king of the Khmer empire as it transformed from the Kamboja kingdom , He reigned from approximately 657 CE to 681 CE. However, Jayavarman did not leave any male heirs which led to a division in Cambodia and the rule of Queen Jayavedi who succeeded him and reigned from 685 CE to 720 CE
  • Oct 23, 1002

    Civil War

    Civil War
    Between the years of 1002 CE and 1010 CE their was a civil war between two rulers, Jayaviravarman and Suryavarman. Suryavarman was the victor.
  • Oct 23, 1113

    Suryavarman II reings

    More informationBetween the years of 1113 CE and 1150 CE Suryavarman II was the chakravartin (ruler) of the Khmer Empire. He was the builder of the Angkor Wat
  • Oct 23, 1181

    Jayavarman VII reings

    Jayavarman VII reings
    Jayavarman VII was the king of the Khmer Empire between the years of 1181 CE and 1220 CE. During his reign he built hospitals, rest houses beside roads and reservoirs. After this he built a temple in honour of his mother and father. He was seen as one of the best kings of the Khmer Empire.
  • Oct 23, 1431

    The END of the Khmer Empire

    The END of the Khmer Empire
    In the year 1431 CE the Khmer Empire ends , there are many theories as to why it fell, some theories say that ecological and infrastructure breakdowns were the cause.
  • The Start of the Khmer Empire

    The Start of the Khmer Empire
    The Khmer Empire is founded by Jayavarman II
  • Rajendrvarman II reigns

    More informationRajendrvarman II was the successor of Harshavarman I and ruled between 944 CE and 967 CE. He was the nephew of the former ruler Yasovarman I and his main monuments are in Pre Rup and East Mebon.
  • Jayavarman II reigns

    Jayavarman II reigns
    More information
    Jayavarman II was a king of Cambodia from the 9th century and is recognized greatly as the founder of the Khmer Empire, he reigned between the years of 802 CE to 850 CE.Before,he ruled the khmer empire was full of violence as the country was not satisfied by one leader.
  • Indravarman I reigns

    Indravarman I reigned the Khmer Empire between 877 CE and 878 CE and 889 CE and 890 CE and also constructs three major buildings. The first, Preah Ko, the first temple to be built in the ancient city of Hariharalaya,Next was the Bakong temple which is located near Siem Reap and was the official state temple of King Indravarman I. Third was the Indratataka Baray.
  • Period: to Oct 22, 1431

    The Khmer Empire