Angkor wat

Khmer Empire

  • Nov 26, 1001

    Udayadityavarman I Rose

    Jayavarmen V died and Udayadityavarman I took over
  • Nov 26, 1002

    A civil war began

    when the current king died. A civil war began between 2 people Jayaviravarman and Suryavarman I, Both fighting for the throne.
  • Nov 26, 1010

    Suryavarmen I Rose

    Suryavarman became king of the Khmer Empire
  • Nov 26, 1050

    Udayadityavarman II Rose

    Suryavarmen I died and Udayadityavarman II took over as king of the khmer empire
  • Nov 26, 1066

    Harshavarman III Rose

    Udayadityavarman died and Harshavarman III took over
  • Nov 26, 1107

    Dharanindravarman I Rose

    Jayavarman VI died and Dharanindravarman I took over
  • Nov 26, 1113

    Suryavarman II Rose

    Dharanidravarman died murdered by his nephew suryavramen II
  • Nov 26, 1132

    Invasion by Vietnam

    Vietnam attempted to invade the Khmer Empire and Vietnam didn't succeed
  • Nov 26, 1150

    Dharanindravarman II Rose

    Suryavarman II died, possibly in a military campaign against the Cham of Central Vietnam. Dharanindravarman II succeeded him.
  • Nov 26, 1160

    Yasovarman II Rose

    Dharanindravarman died and Yasovarman II took over
  • Nov 26, 1177

    Cham invades the Khmer

    Cham invaders took control of Yasodharapura, the Khmer capital, and executed the king.
  • Nov 27, 1181

    Jayavarmen expanding khmer empire

    Jayavarmen starting to expand khmer empire
  • Nov 27, 1203

    Jayavarman forcibly annexed the south of Champa.

    Jayavarmen decreased the population of the South of Champa
  • Nov 27, 1219

    Indravarman II Rose

    Jayavarman died and Indravarman II took over
  • Nov 27, 1219

    Khmer empire stopped expandng

  • Nov 27, 1243

    Jayavarman VIII Rose

    Indravarman died and Jayavarman VII took over
  • Nov 27, 1283

    Jayavarman VIII paid the Mongol Empire

    Jayavarman agreed to pay tribute to the Mongol Empire in lieu of suffering invasion.
  • Nov 27, 1300

    Buddhism grows in Khmer

    Buddhism grows in khmer empire
  • Nov 27, 1431

    Thai army attacks

    Thai army attacks Angkor
  • Nov 27, 1432

    Khmers abandon Angkor

  • Nov 27, 1440

    Khmer rulers relocate capital

    Khmer rulers relocate capital to Phnom Penh
  • Siamese King attacks

    Siamese King attacks and defeats the khmer king
  • Vietnamese Attack Khmer

    Khmer empire was deafedted by the Vietnamese
  • Jayavarmen II came to power

    Jayavarmen II came to power
    Jayavarmen is the founder of the Khmer Empire. He proclaimed himself the divine king of Kambuja.
  • Jayavarmen III rose

    Jayavarmen II died and his son Jayavarmen III took over him
  • Indravarmen I Rose

    Jayvarmen III died and his cousin Indravarmen took over
  • Yasovarmen Rose

    Indravarmen I died and his son Yasovarmen took over
  • Jayavarman V Rose

    Jayavarman V succeeded Rajendravarman II as ruler of Kambuja, now the Khmer Empire.
  • Angkor Wat was under construction

    Angkor Wat was starting to be built
  • Period: to

    Khmer Empire