The internet history

  • The first paper memex machine

    The first paper memex machine Vennevar Bush publishes paper on memex machine.
  • First earth satellite

    First earth satellite U.S.S.R. launches Sputnik, first artificial earth satellite.
  • The begining of the internet

    The begining of the internet
    wikipedia history of the internet
    The history of the internet began in 1950. It began with point to point
    Commutation between mainframe computer and terminals.
  • Military protect

    Military protect
    Paul Baran gets funding from U.S. Air Force to experiment with a block switching network to protect communications during an nuclear war. However, he withdrew his proposal when the project was shifted to military managers.
  • First cross country link

    First cross country link
    In 1970 there was a First cross-country link installed by AT&T between UCLA and BBN at 56kbps. This line is later replaced by another between BBN and RAND. A second line is added between MIT and Utah.
  • International connections

    International connections First international connections to the ARPANET: University College of London (England) via NORSAR (Norway)
  • Things start to come together

    Things start to come together

    BITNET, the "Because It's Time NETwork" Started as a cooperative network at the City University of New York, with the first connection to Yale
  • Hosts

    300,000 Hosts. 1,000 News group ARPANET ceases to exist Archie released files can be searched and retrieved (FTP) by name The World comes on-line (, becoming the first commercial provider of Internet dial-up access.
  • Java

    Java is introduced
  • Bill Gates

    Bill Gates Bill Gates introduces the Xbox on January 7th 2001.
  • Youtube

    Youtube launches
  • Google

    Google Google index reaches 1 Trillion URLs
  • Facebook

    Facebook announces in February that it has 400 million active users.
  • cyber security

    cyber security
    The U.S House of Representatives passes the Cyber security Enhancement Act