Wordle history of the internet


  • Period: to

    the history of the internet

  • launch of sputnik

    launch of sputnik
    USSR launches sputnik first artificial earth satelite, US forms the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) to help US beat russia in technoogy for the military
  • time-sharing

  • Paul Baran

    Paul Baran writes a paper called "survivability of communication systems under nuclear attack" which provided the reason for building the first network of the internet
  • Birth of Gaben Newell

    Birth of Gaben Newell

    the American Standard Code for Information Interchange ASCII
    is developed to standardize data exchange among computer
  • packet switching

  • Hypertext

    Andries van Dam and Ted Nelson coin the term Hypertext which is the programing language of the internet

    ARPANET is commishened by the department of defense DoD for reasearch into networking
  • email

    Email was invented by Ray Tomlinson
  • Minicomputer

    The minicomputer Xerox Alto is invented
    Vint Cerf and Bob Khan deveop gateway routing computers to negotiate between the various national networks
  • telnet

    Telnet commences a commercial version of ARPANET
  • Microsoft

    The Microsoft foundation is founded by Bill Gates
  • satellite

    Satellite links between Hawaii and UK are established connecting the Bristish network to the American network
  • Apple

    Apple computers was Founded by Steve Jobs And Steve Wozniak
  • Modem

    A program "MODEM" allowing two microcomputers to exhange files with each other over phone lines is invented
  • TCP splits

    TCP splits into TCP (transmission control) and IP (internet Protocol)
  • ARPANET crashes

    ARPANET crashes from accidental virus
  • SMTP

    SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is invented
  • DNS

    Domain name system (DNS) pioneered by Jon Postel,Paul Mockapetris and Craig Patridge.Seven top level domain name are initially introduced edu,gov,mi,net,org and int
  • DNS intro

    Domain Name system Introduced
  • Internet

    Internet worm burrows though the Net
  • world wide web

  • Birth of Modern internet

    Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau propose a hypertext system starting the modern internet
  • bye bye ARPANET

    ARPANET ceases to exist
  • WWW.introduced

    The world wide web is launched to the public
  • WWW.50

    at the beginning of the year only 50 World wide web servers are know to exsist
  • WWW.Consortium

    The World Wide Web Consortium is founded by Tim Berners-Lee to help with the development of common protocols for the evolution of the World Wide Web

    Yahoo is reated in April
  • JAVA

    Java is introduced
  • its a jungle out there

    Amazon.com is founded by Jeff Bezos
  • you did it Ebay

    Ebay is founded by Pierre Omidyar
  • TV of WEB

    webtv is introduced
  • me no speaky your language

    Altavista introduces it free online translater Bable Fish
  • Microhot

    Microsoft acquires Hotmail
  • Paypal

    Paypal is made
  • google

    Google is foundd by sergey Brin and Larry Page
  • wifi

  • Napster Nap

    Napster suspended and restarts as a subscribtion service
  • PayBAY

    Paypal is acquired by Ebay
  • SkypeBay

    Ebay cquires Skype
  • its over 9 thousand

    Skype announces that is has over 100 million register users
  • NASA

    NASA test first deep space communication network modelled on top of the internet