The internet

  • Apple I

    Apple I
    Apple is an multinational corporation, it was created by steve jobs, Steve Woznick, and Ronald Wayne. There are 408 retail stores in 14 Countries. Apple 1 was the first product.
  • Email

    Only large universities and the government have access to email on the internet 1980's. Email stands for electronic mail, today's email systems are based on a store-and-found model. Historically, the term electronic mail was used generically for any electronic document transmission. Va Shiva Ayyadurai claimed he invented email.
  • IBM

    IBM introduces the pc, IBM stands for Internation Business Machines (IBM) corporation and its predecessor corporations. Beginning in the 1890s and spanning punched card equipment , time clocks, typewriters,and minicomputers.
  • Internet

    most tradional commnications media including telephone, music, film and television are being reshaped or redefined by the internet.
  • World Wide Web

    World Wide Web
    World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee, who was british computer scientist and former CERN employee. The www is a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the internet.
  • yahoo

    Yahoo is one of the most popular sites in the united states , it was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo. Yahoo is mostly known for its web portal, search engine and yahoo directory. The word "yahoo" is an acronym "yet another".
  • Google

    Google was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, while they were Ph.D. students at standford university. Together they own about 16 percent of its shares. It is an american multicutural corporation specializing in internet related services and products.
  • youtube

    Youtube was founded Febuary 14, 2005 , it is a video sharing website. It was craeted by three former paypal emoployees which was Chad Harley, Steve Chan, and Jawed Karim.
  • kindle

    Amazon released the kindle, the first generation kindle device for u.s. $399. It sold out in five and a half hours. It is the only kindle with expandle memory, via an SD card slot.
  • Bing

    Bing was unveiled by microsoft CEO Steve, then released june 1,2009. Bing is a web search engine that came form microsoft.