The Internet

  • ARPA

    The ARPA was introduced online as a connection between 4 major universities in the US
  • Email was created

    Ray Tomlinson, a computer scientist in Cambridge Massachusetts, introduced the electronic mail. The symbol @ was used in the email address to separate the name of the user and the name of the network.
  • DOS

    Microsoft developed Disk Operating System (DOS).
  • internet

    The term “Internet” was introduced
  • DNS

    The Domain Name System (DNS) was set up, and domain names were given extensions like .com, .org, and .edu.
  • Worm Virus

    The Internet Worm virus temporarily disabled 10% of the Internet servers around the world.
  • www

    The World ( became the first dial-up Internet access provider. Tim Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web to enable users to use hyperlinks to connect to documents in websites.
  • 45 million!

    The Internet was used by around 45 million people, of which 30 million were Americans. There were personal computers in 43.2 million households in the US, and 14 million of these had Internet access.
  • google

    The first office of search engine giant Google was set up in California.
  • Virus chaos

    Many Internet users were hit by viruses, such as “Stages” and “Love Bug”, and many companies were temporarily forced to shut down their networks. Investment capital on the Internet dried up, and many dotcoms had to be closed down. Time Warner was bought by America Online for $16 billion, resulting in the biggest merger ever.
  • 542 million!

    About 544.2 million people around the world were using the Internet, with 164.14 million in the US alone.
  • youtube

    YouTube was launched.
  • 92 million websites!

    The number of websites on the Internet had risen to 92 million.
  • Microsoft buys yahoo

    In a bid to compete with Google, Microsoft made an offer to buy Yahoo! for a price of $44.6 billion.