The Indian Independence Movement

  • Ghandi in England

    Ghandi studied law in England at the mere age of 19.
  • Armitsar Massacre

    GeneralReginald Dyer and his soldiers killed 379 people and wounded over 1,100. he claimed it was meant to warned and held off protesters. it however had the opposite reaction.
  • Gandhi Returns to India

    after failing to start his own law firm in England and spending 20 years in South Africa and fighting against laws that discriminated Indians using non-violent protests, Ghandi returned to india and joined the Congress Party.
  • Non- Violence

    Ghandi called his non-violence resistence "satyagraha" meaning soul-force. by doing so he inspired thosands of indians to and other ethnic groups to protest in a peaceful way. Ghandi also beleived in the power of love.
  • Civivl Disobedience

    civil disobedience is the refusal to obey in unjust laws. due to Gandhi's strong sense of rightousness he went against many unjust laws. "An unjust law is itself a species of violence" by Mohandas Gandhi
  • Boycotts on British Goods

    Gandhi called for boycotts of British goods such as textiles and urged Indians to wear clothes made of cotton grown and woven in India instead of buying manufacturing good from England.
  • Separate Muslims states

    during the early nineteen thirties The muslim League gained a powerful leader in Muhammad Ali Jinnah whom also studied law in England around the time that Gandhi did. He later represented Muslim Cultures in the Congress Party. A few years later he also urged for their to be separat Muslim states.
  • The Salt March

    in 1930 he challenged Great Britain's salt Monopoly by urging the Indians to refuse buying expensive salt from Great Britain. Great Britain was constantly increasing the tax on salt because they were the main nation that grew salt.
  • Great Britain's Embarrassment

    newspapers all over the world thundered against Britain. due to the use of propaganda Britain was seen as the bad guy because of the violence they used against innocent marchers and protesters, they even used violence on "passer-bys". thus, everyone turned against Britain thanks to their barbarous actions.
  • WW2

    just when India was finally going to getting their freedom another World War erupted.
  • Gandhi is Killed

    a hindu extremist angered by Gandhi's attempts to keep peace between the Muslims and the Hindus mercilessly murdered Gandhi.