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The Indian Independence by NaYoung Kim

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  • Indians Rebel / Sepoy Mutiny

    Indians Rebel / Sepoy Mutiny
    First Anti-Britain movement of Indian
    Sepoy means Indian mercenaries hired by the East India Company
    The movement started because of the discriminative treatment between Sepoy and British soliders but later focused on British control over India. But as this group didn't have a strong leader the movement failed and India was put in to direct govern of Britain.
  • Britain took over India

    Britain took over India
    After the breaking up of the the East India Company, British took India under her direct control.
  • Birth of Mohandas Gandhi

    Birth of Mohandas Gandhi
    Birth of the greatest man who lead India to Independence
  • Hindu Indian National Congress, or Congress party was formed

    Hindu Indian National Congress, or Congress party was formed
    After Sepoy Mutiny, Indian Capitalism developed and the middle class expended. So they found the need of Congress Party that will represent their political opinions.
    Later Gandhi became the leader of the congress.
  • Muslim league was formed

    Muslim league was formed
    Muslim league that was formed in a reason of independent of Pakistan
    After WWI joined to Gandhi's Hindu Indian Congress for independence movement.
  • Gandhi returned to India

    Gandhi returned to India
    After the leading of revolutional movement in South Africa, he came back to India as a new leader of India.
  • Treated as second-class citizens

    Treated as second-class citizens
    After Indian army returned from the WWI, they were expecting Britain to fulfil promise: independence or self govern of India. But instead British treated Indian as second-class citizens.
  • Rowlatt Act was passed

    Rowlatt Act was passed
    Against Indian anti-Britain movement, Rowlatt Act was assigned to judge those movement of independence. British polices could arerest people without the arrest warrant. But this law became a stimulus to Indians.
  • Amritsar massacre

    Amritsar massacre
    On April 13 of 1919, there was a assembly to stand against British. It wasn't violence actions or anything but British soldiers shoot people include women and children and over 4000 people were killed.
  • Civil Disobedience

    Civil Disobedience
    Non-cooperation movement. It was non-violence, and non-cooperation movement that is very peaceful. One way of civil disobedience is boycott.
  • Gandhi got upset

    Gandhi got upset
    Not like how Gandhi argued that Indian must not be violent, their was some extreme movement throughout the India. So Gandhi felt upset and announced that they need to stop working on independence movement
  • Gandhi became a leader of Hindu Indian National Congress

    Gandhi became a leader of Hindu Indian National Congress
    Gandhi was elected to a leder of Hindu Indian National Congress with the idea of non-violence and non-cooperation
  • Salt March

    Salt March
    1930, Britain control the salt production and put high tax on salt in India. And to disobey with this action, Gandhi decided to march start from Ashram to Dandi during 24 days. When he arrived at Dandi, he grabed salt on. After this action, more than 60000 people were arrested
  • India Act

    India Act
    It was the last British act that was proposed in India, that gives Indian the right of autonomy and suffrage still under the control of the British.
  • WWII

    As WWII began, without any asking, British put Indian army into the war. So India tried to get independence in that moment but with the differences of the opinion, it failed.
  • Independence of India

    Independence of India
    After WWII, British promised the independence of India. But as there was comflict between Hindu Indian National congress and Muslim league, they each became India and Pakistan.
  • The death of Gandhi

    The death of Gandhi
    An Hindu extremist shoot 78 years old Gandhi. In those days, Gandhi was sick because he did hunger strike to make up relationship between Hindu and Muslim. But some extremist felt bad that even Gandhi is a Hindu, he is trying to being close to Muslim and decided to kill Gandhi.