The Impact of ICT

  • First Television

    John Logie Baird's created the first moving image and colour television, this is what he was known for. He was educated at Larchfield Academy, Helensburgh and lived in Scotland. At the time when he created the television he was a Consulting Technical Adviser.
  • First Computer

    This was the first freely programmable computer which was invented by a man called Konrad Zuse. Konrad Zuse was a German and was educated at Technical University of Berlin and then became a engineer.
  • First Computer Game

    The first video game was invented by a man called Willy Higinbotham and it was a table-tennis game.
  • First Video Game

  • Internet Invented

    On the October 29, 1969, computers at Stanford and UCLA connected for the first time. In effect, they were the first hosts on what would one day become the Internet.
  • First Email

    With the popularity of emailing, the first modern email program was developed by John Vittal, a programmer at the University of Southern California. The biggest technological advance this program was the addition of "Reply" and "Forward" functionality.
  • First Mobile Phone

  • First Laptop

  • Google Launched Internet

    Google was founded by a man called Menlo Park in Calafornia.
  • Wikipedia Launched

  • Facebook launched

  • YouTube Launched Internet

    Youtube launched in 2005, bringing free online vidoes for anyone.
  • Twitter launched

  • Mobile Internet Access

  • Insagram Released

  • Facebook had over 1 billion users

  • Tumblr had over 96 million blogs