The Holocaust

  • Hitler is Convicted For Treason

    Hitler is Convicted For Treason
    In 1923, Adolf Hitler Is Tried and convicted for treason. While In Prison Hitler wrote a book called Mein Kampf. Mein Kampf was a book by Hitler stating Jews are inferior. In Hitler's book, he calls the perfect human a blue-eyed, blonde-haired white person with no Jewish Lineage.
  • Nazi Party Rose To Power

    Nazi Party Rose To Power
    In 1930, the National Socialist party took control of Germany. The NaZi party rose to party because of their 107 seats in the German Parliament. Later In 1932, The NaZi party owned 207 of the Parliaments' seats thus making them in charge.
  • Hitler Is Named Chancellor

    In 1933, Hitler was named Chancellor by the German Parliament. After Hitler became Chancellor he quickly became a Dictator with the support of the Nazis.
  • Concentration Camps

    Concentration Camps
    After Hitler became Chancellor, Hitler began creating concentration camps for Jewish people. The concentration camps were not liberated until 1945, the end of WW2.
  • Nuremberg Laws

    Nuremberg Laws
    The Nuremberg Race Laws stripped Jewish people of their citizenship. The law was created because of the assassination of a high-ranking German official.
  • WW2

    After Germany decided to enter Poland in hopes of gaining more territory, Polish ally Russia declares war on Germany under Adolf Hitler's reign.
  • Holocaust Casulaties.

    Holocaust Casulaties.
    After the liberation of Jews occurred, an estimated six million Jews were killed all across Europe.
  • Israel

    The aftermath of the Holocaust caused the creation of Israel. The United Nations and the U.S approved of a plan to divide Palestine, though Palestine refused they created the independent state of Israel.