The History of The Internet

Timeline created by brettblasnig
  • USA launches Sputnik

    USA launches Sputnik
    The USSR launch the first satelitte into space. They named it "Sputnik.
  • President Eisenhower

    President Eisenhower
    President Dwight Eisenhower requested some funds to start an A.R.P.A.
  • On-line man computer communications

    First aper about "on-line man computer communications" is written by J.C.R Licklider and W. Clark.
  • Beginning of ARPA project

    The ARPA project is starting and Larry Roberts is the head scientist of the project.
  • ARPAnet node installed

    At the UCLA Network Measurement center, the first ARPAnet node has been installed into a Sigma 7 computer.
  • First Radio event

    First Radio event
    The first radio broadcast occurs at the University of Hawaii. It is called "Alohanet."
  • First e-mail programs

    The first simple e-mail programs are written by Ray Tomlinson for the ARPAnet.
  • Discovery of Steve Jobs and Apple Software

    Discovery of Steve Jobs and Apple Software
    Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded the company "Apple."
  • Discovery of Cisco Systems

    Discovery of Cisco Systems
    The cisco systems are created and used til' the present day.
  • Domain Name System is created

    Domain Name System is created
    The DNS or (Domain Name System) is created for the first time. Inventors are Jon Postel, Paul Mockapetris, and Craig Partridge.
  • First Router shipped

    First Router shipped
    At this time, the first ever Cisco router is shipped.
  • 25,000 PC's sold

    In the Year of 1987, 25,000 PC's are sold in the United States
  • Birth of the World Wide Web!

    The Online ARPAnet ends. The creation of the World Wide Web is created by Tim Berners-Lee.
  • "Surfing the Internet"

    "Surfing the Internet"
    The very popular phrase "Surfing the internet" is credited to Jean Armour Polly. She was a librarian who came up with the phrase.
  • Windows 95 releasing

    Windows 95 releasing
    Windows 95 is released in the year of 1995.
  • Domain Wars

    The domain "" is sold for a total of $15,000 to CNET. Domain Wars start. This goes back and forth with the purchasing of different domain names. The most avid competetors are Microsoft and Netscape.
  • End of Browser Wars

    The browser wars stop. Netscape and Microsoft decide to share near 100% of the borwser market.
  • 10,000,000 Domain names

    In the year of 2000, over 10,000,000 domain names were registered!
  • 261 Individuals Sued

    The RIAA sued 261 people for the distribution of copyright music files.
  • Google surpases Microsoft

    Google surpases Microsoft
    The Search engine "Google" passes up Microsoft as the "Most valuable global brand." Also, Google is named the most visited web site.