The History of Intelligence

  • Robert Yerkes developed the Army Alpha and Beta Tests to measure intelligence in a group format.

  • Graham Wallas, Art of Thought. Presented one of the first models of the creative process

    demonstrating that fear could be classically conditioned.
  • Edward Thorndike and Social Intelligence, getting along with people

  • L.L. Thurstone introduces his Primary Mental Abilites theory

  • Wechsler-Bellevue Intelligence Test was published

    became most widely used intellectual assessment
  • David Wechsler says that components of intelligence are key to life

  • Abraham Moslow describes how people can build emotional strength

  • David Wechsler agrees with Stanford-Binet's theory that intelligence involves a bunch of different mental abilities.

  • Intellectual Disabilites, used to be described only by the score on an IQ test, but now has more of an ezplanation to it.

  • Howard Gardner publishes, 'The Shattered Mind'

  • Howard Gardner believed that multiple intelligence tests come in a package

  • Wayne Payne introduces emotional intelligence

  • Sternberg likes Gardner's idea of multiple intelligences but instead of eight, he chose three; analytical, practical, and creative intelligence

  • Sternberg creates five components of creativity

  • Peter Salovey and John Mayer publish 'Emotional Intelligence" article

  • Solovey and Mayer have been studying Emotional Intelligence

    marking the beginning of feminism.
  • Emotonal Intelligence is popularized after the publication of a book

  • Multifactor Emotional Intelligence Testing: an ability based test that assess their ability to perceive, identity, understnad, and utilize emotions

  • Emotional Competence Inventory, if you know the indibidual you would offter ratings to the persons abilities on a number of different emotional competencies

    first state to recognize psychology as a protected practice oriented profession.
  • Sligman Attributional Style Questionnaire, designes as a screening test fo the life insurance compay

  • Today's testing: the ACT, SAT, which determine your intellectual ability

  • Reuven Bar-Ones EG-i: are designes to measure awareness, stress, problem solving, tolerance, and happiness