The History of Abnormal Psychology

  • 100

    Prehistoric Era

    Prehistoric Era
    People drilled holes in other people's heads who were psycholgially abnormal as medical procedure, and believed that "evil spirits" were let out through the hole.
  • 377

    Hippocrates 460-377BC

    Hippocrates 460-377BC
    He named many mental disorders and stated that different bodily fluids cause changes in people's mental state. Such as to much blood would cause a mental disorder so they would drain the ersn of blood.Supernatural theoties disagreed with him.
  • Aug 21, 1040

    Asclepiades 129-40 B.C.

    Asclepiades 129-40 B.C.
    Stated that psychological disorders were caused by emotional issues. He also defined the diffrences of acute and chronic disor and hallucinations and delusions. He made many diffrent treatments that were not cruel in order to help his patience.
  • Mar 11, 1050

    Aulus Cornelius Celsus 25 B.C.-50 A.D.

    Aulus Cornelius Celsus 25 B.C.-50 A.D.
    He had the idea that a force needed to be aplied to the mentally ill to cause fear in the spirit and make it flee the body. This theory supported the believe that evil spirits and gods caused psychological disorders.
  • Jan 1, 1500

    The Middle Ages 300 A.D-1500A.D.

    The Middle Ages 300 A.D-1500A.D.
    No advancements were made during this period. The belief that sprits caused abnormalbehaviors lve on through out this era, and psycholoical disrders were caused by moral weeknesses the ill were dealing with the devil, witchcraft, and demons. The treatment of patience was very inhumane because of these beliefs. Christian beliefs led to the building of asylums.
  • Jul 1, 1515

    Jahann Weyer 1515-1588

    Jahann Weyer 1515-1588
    Did not completely disagre with the mentally ill being possed but natural causes were also a factor.
  • Franz Mesmer

    Franz Mesmer
    Thought he could cure mental disorders with hypnosis
  • Philippe Ponel

    Philippe Ponel
    Started the first mass movement for humane patient treatment.
  • Benjamin Rush 1745-1813

    Benjamin Rush 1745-1813
    Took a scientific approach intreating mental disorders. He reformed asylums and made it a better place for the mentally ill though some humane treatments were sill used.
  • Emil Kraepelin 1856-1926

    Emil Kraepelin 1856-1926
    First focused on the biolgicl aspects of mental disorders and presented the idea of chemical inbalances. His work are the grounds of today's classification system
  • Treatment changed in the19th century.

    During this time the treatment went from restraing patience to sedating them with drugs. Alcohol, cannabis, opium and chloral hydrate was also used to treat patience. Though it turned out to be very ineffective. Th moral treatment of patience did not change though, they were still treated very badly.
  • John Watson and Rosalie Rayner

    John Watson and Rosalie Rayner
    Through the Little Albert experiments they proved that fear can be classically condiioned
  • Electric shok therapy

    First sed on a human patient to treat mental illness
  • Carl Rogers

    Carl Rogers
    Caused a powerful change in the teatment of mentally ill patiences after publishing "On Becoming a Person".
  • 800 BC Homor's idea

    800 BC Homor's idea
    He believed Gods took people's minds away.
  • Plato 387 BC

    Plato 387 BC
    Plato said the brain is where mental processes take place