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mental health

By c_mary
  • 1900's

    Clifford Beers sparked the mental health reform movement with insightful autobiography, "The Mind that Found Itself." Beers founded the Connecticut Society for Mental Hygiene during 1908, which would expand a year later to form the National Committee for Mental Hygiene.
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    Mental Health America encouraged the creation of more than 100 child guidance clinics in the United States aimed at prevention, early intervention and treatment.
    In order to get the Army and the Navy ready for the First World War, Mental Health America developed a mental hygiene program at the request of the Surgeon General.
  • 1920s

    Model Commitment legislation created by Mental Health America was later integrated into the laws of other states.
  • 1930s

    More than 3,000 people from 41 different countries attended the First International Congress on Mental Hygiene, which was organized by Mental Health America in Washington, D.C.
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    As a result of Mental Health America's advocacy, the "National Mental Health Act," which established the National Institute of Mental Health, was approved.
    To inform Americans about mental disease and mental health, Mental Health America and the Jaycees established Mental Health Week (later to become Mental Health Month).
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    Mental Health America commissioned the casting of the Mental Health Bell from the chains and the shackles that once bound those suffering from mental diseases as a symbol of its commitment to bring about change.
    The Commission on Mental Illness and Mental Health, which was established and sponsored by Congress, was joined and supported by Mental Health America.
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    The National Leadership Conference on Action for Mental Health was organized by Mental Health America, and 100 national nonprofit groups took part. The "Community Mental Health Centers Act", which was passed by Congress, permits community mental health centers to receive construction grants. The passage and presidential signature of this law were made possible in large part by Mental Health America. Deconfinement and more extensive community treatment are mandated by the Community Mental Health.
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    The movie Only Human, which was created and distributed by Mental Health America and broadcast on more than 150 television stations, aimed to increase public awareness of mental illness and acceptance of those who suffer from it. Funds earmarked for the National Institute of Mental Health were seized by President Nixon. Reversing the judgment was possible in large part by Mental Health America.
  • 1980s

    The National Action Commission on Mental Health of Rural Americans was established by Mental Health America to investigate service and policy issues pertaining to the provision of mental health services to residents of rural areas whose lives have been significantly impacted by social and economic change.
  • 1990s

    A countrywide research conducted by Mental Health America identified shame, fear, and embarrassment as the main deterrents to seeking treatment for anxiety disorders, the most prevalent mental illnesses.
  • 2000s

    According to the first ever poll of kids conducted by Mental Health America, 78 percent of youth who were LGBT or assumed to be gay experienced bullying or teasing in their schools and neighborhoods. A major Supreme Court decision proclaiming the execution of young offenders to be unlawful was made as a result of Mental Health America's effort, freeing 73 people off death row. The Mental Health Parity Act was successfully passed into law with the help of Mental Health America and a coalition.
  • 2010s

    The article LGBTQ+ Mental Health: Insight from MHA Screening, published by Mental Health America, examines data from almost 300,000 screenings conducted by LGBTQ+ people. It addresses the specific issues faced by them, especially youth, and gives specific legislative and programmatic recommendation to ensure essential, appropriate, and timely support. Mental Health America, prioritizes hospitalization and court-ordered treatment. They focused on integrating mental health in primary care.