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By mikeop8
  • 387 BCE


    Plato suggested that the brain is the mechanism of mental processes.
  • 335 BCE


    Aristotle suggested that the heart is the mechanism of mental processes.
  • Period: 300 BCE to


    psyching you out 101
  • Franz Mesmer

    Franz Mesmer
    detailed his cure for some mental illness, originally called mesmerism and now known as hypnosis.
  • Phillipe Pinel

    Phillipe Pinel
    Released the first mental patients from confinement in the first massive movement for more humane treatment of the mentally ill.
  • Franz Gall

    Franz Gall
    Wrote about phrenology (the idea that a person’s skull shape and placement of bumps on the head can reveal personality traits.
  • Ersnt Heinrich

    Ersnt Heinrich
    Published his perception theory of "Just Noticeable DIfference," now known as Weber’s Law.
  • Phineas Gage

    Phineas Gage
    Suffered brain damage when an iron pole pierces his brain. His personality was changed but his intellect remained intact suggesting that an area of the brain plays a role in personality.
  • Charles Darwin

    Charles Darwin
    Published the On the Origin of Species, detailing his view of evolution and expanding on the theory of ‘Survival of the fittest.’
  • Paul Broca

    Paul Broca
    Discovered an area in the left frontal lobe that plays a key role in language development.
  • Sir Francis Galton

    Sir Francis Galton
    Influenced by Charles Darwin’s ‘Origin of the Species,’ published ‘Hereditary Genius,’ and argues that intellectual abilities are biological in nature.
  • Carl Wernicke

    Carl Wernicke
    Published his work on the frontal lobe, detailing that damage to a specific area damages the ability to understand or produce language
  • G. Stanley Hall

    G. Stanley Hall
    Received the first American Ph.D. in psychology. He later founded the American Psychological Association.
  • Wilhelm Wundt

    Wilhelm Wundt
    Founded the first formal laboratory of Psychology at the University of Leipzig, marking the formal beginning of the study of human emotions, behaviors, and cognitions.
  • First Labratory

    First Labratory
    The first laboratory of psychology in America is established at Johns Hopkins University.
  • Medication in Army

    Medication in Army
    First Psychologists prescribe medication through the U.S. military’s psychopharmacology program.
  • Deep Blue

    Deep Blue
    The supercomputer at the time, beats the World’s best chess player, Kasparov, marking a milestone in the development of artificial intelligence.
  • E- Therapy

    E- Therapy
    Psychology advances to the technological age with the emergence of e-therapy.
  • Guam

    Psychologists in Guam gain prescription privileges for psychotropic medication.
  • New Mexican Psychologist Being Allowed

    New Mexican Psychologist Being Allowed
    New Mexico becomes the first state to pass legislation allowing licensed psychologists to prescribe psychotropic medication.
  • George W. Bush Legistlation For Mental Health

    George W. Bush Legistlation For Mental Health
    The push for mental health parity gets the attention of the White House as President George W. Bush promotes legislation that would guarantee comprehensive mental health coverage.