The History of ICT.

  • Jules Verne makes an accurate account about the future.

    He predicted that the wold would develope to skyscrapers, calcuators, high-speed trains, multi networking sites.
  • Nintendo was founded.

  • The 1st Sat nav ever made.

    It used a small map on a scrol to guide motorists to where they want to go.
  • American Airlines made the first automated booking system

  • The 1st computer invented

    The 1st computer was created in 1953. Since then computers have become more developed and updated with the technology around them.
  • Toshiba invented it's first computer.

  • The internet was invented

  • Thee-mail was invented.

  • Apple was founded

  • 1st apple computer was made

  • Laptop developed

  • Alan Kay predicts aboout encyclopaedia's

    In 1982 Alan Kay predicted that a wide variety of intelligent encyclopaedia's would be avalible on the internet.
  • DELL presented its first computer.

  • The proposal of the world wide web.

  • The 1st Gameboy was invented.

  • The 1st webcame inventred.

  • To Tom was founded

  • 1st DVD created.

  • Online shopping !

  • Hotmail was launched - internet.

  • Google was launched.

  • Wikipedia was launched.

  • 1st xbox created.

  • The 1st nintendo wii was invented.

  • the birth of Facebook

    in february 2004 facebook was invented. it is a social networking site which is now famous world wide. you can create your own profile and add online friends but be careful you don't add people you dont know!!
  • Social networking - internet.

  • You tube was created.

  • Mobile internet was created

  • A main part of the internet moved online

  • Itunes was introduced by Apple.