The History Of Egypt

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  • Oct 26, 1070

    The Mummy-mask of Amenemopet

    The Mummy-mask of Amenemopet
    It was found in Tanis in around 1070 B.C. This was when Egypt was loosing there Nubian. It was the tomb of the king that built the 21st Dynasty. His tomb was found in 1939
  • Oct 26, 1457

    After Pharaoh Hatshepsut's Death

    After Pharaoh Hatshepsut's Death
    It was about 1457 B.C. when Hatshepsut's death. Her kingdom was attacked and all of her statues in her monument were smashed. it was not long after that all of Egypt had forgotten her. Then thousands of years latter that people of Egypt restored her place as her Dynasty.
  • Oct 26, 1550

    King Akenaten

    King Akenaten
    King Akhenaten took over the throne after Kings Ahmose death. he turned Egypt up side down when he tryed to get ride of the gods. This was strang because at the time there religiouse form was the gods. His name Akhenaten stood for Amun. His wif'e's name was Nefertiti but he had many more wifes. Then he had six daughters and they would take over the throne when he would die.
  • The temple/Tomb of king Mentuhotep 2 at Deir El-Barhari

    The temple/Tomb of king Mentuhotep 2 at Deir El-Barhari
    This happen in about 2190 B.C. at the west bank at Luxor.The cilvil war won by the Menthotep 2. He had built the 11th dynasty in his time.They called the great kingdom Deir El-Bahari.
  • The End Of A Dynasty

    The End Of A Dynasty
    In 2246 B.C. the Eclipes of a royal power took place. They thought that the god would come down that day and kill there king Neferkare. King Neferkare had ruled for over 90 years. that was the longest living king to live and rule.
  • Preoccupation With Death

    Preoccupation With Death
    This kingdome was specile. I was a great kingdome in many ways but the one thing that made it over the top was that it was the longest kingdome to stay alive. This kingdomestayed populated for about 500 years.
  • The Step Pyramid At Aqqara, The Tomb Of Djoser

    The Step Pyramid At Aqqara, The Tomb Of Djoser
    This pyramid was built in 2700 B.C. It was the first dynasty built out of mud/bricks.It was only when King Djoser come to the throne that he thought they should built the largest scale building in stone.It was set up as a step Pyramid.It was desingned by a man named Imhtep/he was later worshipped as a god.
  • Stela Of King Djet His Tomb At Abydos

    Stela Of King Djet His Tomb At Abydos
    It was about 3000 B.C. when king Djet of the south of the country made neighbors or friends with the northern and they made one big state. This evernt happend in Memphis. This king was the first to rule this dynasty and was buried in the heart of the old southern kingdom
  • Harnessing The Nile

    Harnessing The Nile
    It was about 3100 B.C. The Nile river was worshiped. They beleved that one god husband died in it so evry year the god grys and the river floods. That is where the worlds first larg nation begain.
  • The Story Of The Nile River

    The Story Of The Nile River
    In about 4500 B.C. around the nile it was not the richest place to be. There were people that did not have alot of money. Nobody would live around there so there was nothing.But one day the nile flooded and people living there were abile to grow gropes. So that means they can make money. So that kingdome whent from the not so rich to one of the riches in Egypt.