The History of Computers

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    The History of Computers Timeline

  • John Napier

    John Napier
    Invented a set of rods which have become known as Napiers bones that perform complex calculations.
  • Joseph-Marie Jacquard

    Joseph-Marie Jacquard
    DEveloped a weaving loom that used punched cards to replicated designs. This was a revolutionary step towards computer input
  • Charles Babbage

    Charles Babbage
    The 1st machine that actually approximated the idea of a computer that is input was comceived of in 1832 . the macjine was called the difference engine
  • Lee De Forest

    Lee De Forest
    Invented the electronic tube. this tube made possible the development of electronic computers.
  • Howard H. Aiken

    Howard H. Aiken
    He created the first progammed controlled computer. it was very close to being a fully operational computer.
  • Colosus

    A computer called colosus was completed in Great Britain. This took over the task of code breaking. Ten were built but the Great Britain government destroyed them.
  • Steve Wozinak and Steve Jobs

    Steve Wozinak and Steve Jobs
    They invented the fast and more powerful computer.(personal computer). They called this the Apple 2
  • Zack Mackinnon

    Zack Mackinnon
    This smart young man learns how to use a computer and he is a straight up thug.