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The history of African Americans

  • Crispus Attucks died in boston massacre

    Crispus Attucks died in boston massacre
    Crispus Attucks was an African-American man killed during the Boston Massacre, making him the first casualty of the American Revolution.
  • Nat Turners Rebellion

    Nat Turners Rebellion
    Nat Turner and his group of followers killed sixty white men and women in one night.
  • The Amistad Revolt

    The Amistad Revolt
    In 1839, slaves aboard a ship called the Amistad revolted to secure their freedom while being transported from one Cuban port to another.
  • Fugitive Slave Law

    Fugitive Slave Law
    Allowed slave hunters to capture alleged fugitive slaves with out due process of the law.
  • Fugitive Slave Act

    Fugitive Slave Act
    Allowed for the capture and return of runaway slaves within the territory of the United States.
  • Scott vs. Sanford

    Scott vs. Sanford
    Supreme court over ruled the decision of Sanford against Dred Scott
  • SC Secedes from the Union

    SC Secedes from  the Union
    South Carolina seceded from the US once Lincolns victory was assured.
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    Emancipation Proclamation
    Declared free all slaves residing in territory in rebellion against the federal government.
  • End of Civil War

    End of Civil War
    The Union defeated the Confederacy, 620,000 soldiers died in total.
  • Assassination of Lincoln

    Assassination of Lincoln
    John Wilkes Booth fatally shot Abraham Lincoln during a play at Fords theatre in Washington D.C
  • 13th amendment

    13th amendment
    abolished slavery in the United States.
  • 14th amendment

    14th amendment
    Granted citizenship to all persons born or naturalized in the United States, including recently freed slaves.
  • 15th Amendment

    Granted African American men the right to vote.
  • Plessy vs Ferguson

    Plessy vs Ferguson
    Arrested for sitting in the "white car" of a Louisana train.
  • Wilmington, NC riot

    Wilmington, NC riot
    25 blacks were killed by a white mob. More black people were killed but their bodies were dumped in the river.
  • Rosewood Massacre

    Rosewood Massacre
    Florida town was destroyed and many of its residents were killed after a white woman accused a black man of raping her.
  • Scottsboro Boys

    Scottsboro Boys
    9 African-American boys were arrested and accused of raping 2 white girls.
  • Congressional Hearings end for Tuskegee Study

    Congressional Hearings end for Tuskegee Study
    Used african american men as lab animals to test out a disease.
  • James Meredith

    James Meredith
    The first African-American student admitted to the segregated University of Mississippi.
  • Mc Laurin vs Oklahoma

    Mc Laurin vs Oklahoma
    United States Supreme Court ruled that a public schools could not provide different treatment to a student because of their race.
  • Sweatt vs Painter

    Sweatt vs Painter
    The Supreme Court ruled unanimously that under the Equal Protection Clause, Sweatt must be admitted to the university.
  • Brown vs Board

    Brown vs Board
    Members of the U.S. Supreme Court, ruled unanimously that racial segregation in public schools is unconstitutional.
  • Death of Emmett Till

    Death of Emmett Till
    14 year old boy was beaten and killed by white men after a white woman claimed he made sexual contact with her in a store.
  • Little Rock 9

    Little Rock 9
    Nine African-American children risked their lives to attend Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas which was an all white school.
  • John Browns Raid

    John Browns Raid
    Led a 18 men into the town of Harpers Ferry, Virginia.
  • Ruby Bridges

    Ruby Bridges
    6 year old Ruby Bridges was escorted to school by federal marshals to a newly integrated school in New Orleans.
  • March on Washington

    March on Washington
    Martin Luther King, Jr., stood in front of the Lincoln Memorial and delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech in which he called for an end to racism.
  • 16th St. Church Bombing

    16th St. Church Bombing
    The 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama was bombed on as an act of a white supremacist group. The explosion at the African-American church, killed four girls, marked a turning point in the United States 1960s Civil Rights Movement.
  • Assassination of Malcolm X

    Assassination of Malcolm X
    Malcolm X was preparing to address the Organization of African-American in Manhattan's Audubon Ballroom. He was then in an altercation within the 400 person crowd when a man shot him in the chest with a sawed off shot gun.
  • March on Selma

    March on Selma
    Protests held in 1965 that marked the political and emotional peak of the American civil rights movement.
  • Voting Rights Act

    Voting Rights Act
    Ratified the 15th amendment which denied African-American men the right to vote based on race and color.
  • Watts Riots

    Watts Riots
    Marquette Frye was arrested by a white officer based only on the officers suspicion of him being intoxicated. For the next 6 days riots destroyed the south Los Angeles town.
  • Orangeburg Massacre

    Orangeburg Massacre
    Protesters in South Carolina were shot by police officers because they were against racial segregation at a bowling alley.
  • Assassination of MLK, Jr.

    Assassination of MLK, Jr.
    Martin Luther King was shot and killed while standing on the balcony in front of his room at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis.
  • Arrest of Angela Davis

    Arrest of Angela Davis
    Davis was charged with aggravated kidnapping and first degree murder in the death of Judge Harold Haley. She then ran and hid because there was a warrant for her arrest.
  • LUCY is discovered

    LUCY is discovered
    Pieces of bone representing about 40% of a female body was discovered, scientist named it AL288-1. Lucy lived 3.2 million years ago and is classified as a hominid.
  • ROOTS was published

    ROOTS was published
    Roots was written by Alex Haley and was first published in 1976. It tells the story of Kunta Kinte, an African, captured and sold into slavery in the United States, It follows his life and the lives of his alleged descendants in the U.S. down to Haley.
  • Beating Of Rodney King

     Beating Of Rodney King
    Rodney King was beat by LA police after officers claimed he was resisiting arrest and tried to pull a weapon out on them.
  • Barack Obama becomes the 1st black President

    Barack Obama becomes the 1st black President
    Barack Obama was inaugurated as president of the United States in Washington D.C.