Civil rights

Civil Rights Time Line

  • Brown v Board of Education

    This law declared all state laws that allowed the segregation of public schools to be unconstitutional. The law overturned the plessy vs. ferguson case of 1896.
  • Brown v Board of Education II

    This was decided to force southern schools who were not integrating their schools to follow the law. Many schools at the time decided that they wer just not going to allow black children to enter the school specificly defying the federal government.
  • Lynching of Emmett Till

    he was a 14 year old african american boy who was lynched in Mississippi. This young boy was brutally murderd for flirting with a white girl in Mississippi.
  • Rosa Parks Arrested

    Rosa Parks Arrested
    rosa parks was arrested fo not giving up her seat on the bus. in that time somone who was black was required to give up their seat if someone who was white wanted to get on.
  • Period: to

    Montgomery bus boycott

    This action was a form of the civil rights protest used in order to desegregate public transportation. Over this timspan of more than a year african people in motgumery refused to ride the public transportation focusing mostly on buses in order to drive change in the United States and eventually it worked.
  • Martin Luther King House Bombing

    On this day many segregationist decided to bomb MLKs house. this attack was a retaliation of the montgumery bus boycott working so well for african americans
  • Bombing of Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth

    On this day a few Klu Klux Klan members bombed this pastor home. he was home with his family of 4 and 2 aditional church freinds. the man who bombed this house was the same who bombed the church 6 years later
  • Eisenhower sends in Federal Troops

     Eisenhower sends in Federal Troops
    President Eisenhower sent troops to little rock Ark. in order to try and force integration in the school and also to keep the black students going to the school safe.
  • SCLC Founded

    SCLC stands for the southern christian leardershihp conference. this group adopted a noviolent form of action. SCLC had a strong affiliation with local comunities and made thier group open to everyone despite their race, sex, religeon, or their previous backgrounds.
  • White Citizens Council

     White Citizens Council
    this was a group created in 1957. it was associated with white supremecy and racism. There were many members all over the the united states but mostly in the south.
  • Greensboro sit ins

    Greensboro sit ins
    A series on non violent sit ins that were staged by a bunch of students. This took place in woolworths lunch counter in Greensboro north carolina.
  • SNCC Formed

    SNCC Formed
    this stands for the student non violent coordinating commitee. they became one of the major civil rights movement groups in the United States. know for organizing large waves of sit inns
  • Freedom Rides

    groups of whites and blacks who would board buses and ride to the south mainly Alabama. protested segregation of segregated public transportation aross the country.
  • Albany Georgia “failure”

    also know as the albany movement it was a group of balck people made up of many ministers and local black leaders from albany.MLK and the SCLC both stood behind supported and helped them
  • White mob attacks federal marshals in Montgomery

    On May 20th 1961 400 US marshals were sent to Montgomery to protect a group of freedom riders. when the freedom riders arived they were met by an angry mob who attacked not only the riders but also some of the US marshals.
  • Bailey v Patterson

    This law outlawed segregation on all forms of public transportation mainly buses. this law was a long time coming with many types of protests taking place in order to secure civil right.
  • XXIV (24th) Amendment

    XXIV (24th) Amendment
    this was an amendment added to the constitution in 1962. It made it illegal to require payment in order to vote in any official election.
  • Equal Pay Act

    Banned wage segregation in the united states. Made it so sex, age, race, and national origin couldnt play a role in someones wage
  • MLK goes to a Birmingham jail

    MLK goes to a Birmingham jail
    MLK and many others were all sent to jail for holding a large peaceful protest in Birmingham Alabama. the protest was to try and help the treatment of black people in Birmingham.
  • March on Washington “I have a Dream”

     March on Washington “I have a Dream”
    in august in 1963 250,00 people gathered infront of the lincon memorial in Washington D.C. This is where Martin Luther King jr. made his famous I have a dream speech.
  • Kennedy sends in Federal Troops

    Kennedy sends in Federal Troops
    governer Walace of Alabama stood in front of the university giving a speech and not allowing the first black women to attend that college. so Kenedy took over control of his troops and forced them to take Walace of school grounds
  • Assassination of Medgar Evers

    Assassination of Medgar Evers
    De La Beckwith killed Medgar Evers because he wanted a more direct action than just economic boycotts. Medgar Evers died at age 42 he was a leader of the NAACP. This all happend in Jackson MS
  • Bombing of a church in Birmingham

    This was an act of terrorism where a black church was burned to the ground which caused a few faitalities. this act was caused and claimed my white supremesists
  • Assasination of John F. Kennedy

    Assasination of John F. Kennedy
    Alittle after noon JKF was shot while riding in his motorcade through dealey plaza in downtown dallas. He was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Freedom Summer

    Also known as the Mississippi summer project was a drive for equal voter regestration sponserd by many civil rights organozations. It aimed to raise black voter regestration numbers all over Mississippi
  • Killing of Goodman, Chaney, Schwerner

    Killing of Goodman, Chaney, Schwerner
    Know as the freedom summer murders. These three were Mississippi civil case workers. All three activists were abducted and murderd.
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964

     Civil Rights Act of 1964
    This act ended segregation in public places. It also banned employment segregation on the bias of race, sex, color, religeon, and national origin.
  • Selma to Montgomery March

    this was a peaceful protest focusing on more fair voting rights. they wanted not only more people to vote but also not to have to pay or take tests to vote.
  • Voting Rights Act of 1965

    Voting Rights Act of 1965
    This law was signed into place by Lindon B Johnson in 1965. This law aimed to overcome legal barriers that were stet that stoped black people from being able to exercise their right to vote.
  • Assassination of Malcolm X

     Assassination of Malcolm X
    Malcom X was shot right before he was suposed deliver a speech about his new civil right organization. he was shot in the audobon ballroom in New York
  • Black Panthers Form

    Black Panthers Form
    in Oakland Cali Huey Newton and Bobby Seale formed an organzation known as the black panthers. They focused on militant defence of minority comunities against the US government.
  • Loving v Virginia

    Loving v Virginia was a civil right race based court case. This court case invalidated all interacial marrige laws across the united states.
  • Minneapolis Riots

    Tensions along plymoth MN erupted which led to vadalism arson and riots all over town. police tried to calm the riot but where outnumbered mean while fire fiters tried to put out all the the fires that where started
  • Detroit Riots

    Detroit Riots
    on 12th street started one of the largest riots ever seen in the United states. it lasted multiple days and cost millions in property damage and it was also extremly dangerous with around 43 deaths and a 1100 injuries.
  • Assasination of MLK

    Assasination of MLK
    On april 4th Martin Luther King was assasinated by James Earl Ray. He was staying in the Memphis Tennesse at the time. he was rushed to Sait Josephs hospital and was pronounced dead at 7:05
  • Assassination of Robert “Bobby” Kennedy

    Assassination of Robert “Bobby” Kennedy
    at the age of 48 presidential canidate Robert “Bobby” Kennedy was shot at 12 pm. he was shot in the ambassador hotel in Los angeles. he had just won the california priliminaries.