The great depresion in Australia Ellie

  • Post world war 1

    Australia used alot of the London loan Market Australia had a very low economy.
  • Period: to

    Great depresion

  • Wall street creash

    the stock exchange crashed into Wall street then alot of people lost alot of money.
  • Government spending cuts

    Government spending was cut as they because they were suppose to pay back the London loan market back there money.
  • Australian Economy is stuggling

    After the stop market crushed in the London loan market Australian economy went down in the time the economy was built on exports such as flower,weet,wool and dairy the price slumped.
  • The sydney harbour bridge

    The sydney harbour bridge opened and it seemed as a triumph to the depretion of the economy.
  • Uneplument at a high point

    one third of the working population is employed
  • Economy graguatly starting to recover