The Gradual Increase of Nazi Persecution of The Jews

  • Boycott of Jewish Businesses

    The Nazi Party released a nationwide boycott of jewish buisnesses that only lasted one day. This shows persecution of the Jews because their businesses were affected by the boycott simply for them being Jewish, which treats them less than normal people
  • Press Censorship Law

    Newspapers also could not publish any information that was against the Nazi party. Anyone who was found publishing anti-nazi material would be sent to a concentration camp. This shows the persecution of Jews because any propaganda that went against Jews could not be exposed to have bad meaning behind it without being sent to a concentration camp.
  • Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honor

    Jewish people could not marry non Jews. It was illegal for couples to be of mixed race. This shows persecution of Jews by not allowing them to marry other races by making one race superior than the other, and showing Jews as negative figures.
  • Polish Jews Deported From Germany

    Nazi Germany expelled about 17,000 Jews from germany in 1938. Poland was unwilling to accept the Jews, so they were put in a “no-man's land'' between the countries and eventually into refugee camps. Jews were being deported and refused from countries simply for being Jewish, which is persecution of Jews.
  • Period: to


    Kristallnacht was an event in history when Nazis and Nazi supporters destroyed Jewish synagogues, homes, and businesses. They also burned books and killed Jews because of the Jewish religion. The Jews were persecuted by the Nazi by destruction of property for no reason other than the fact that they were Jewish, and they were treated worse than everyone else because of that.
  • Anti-Jewish Economy Law

    Jews could not own businesses, and if they did then they would have to sell them to an employee or Nazi supporter for a very low price. This shows persecution of the Jews because it forced them to not lead any careers affecting the economy, removing job opportunities and forcing some into poverty because they couldn’t make money or gain much from selling it either.
  • First Prisoners Arrive at Auschwitz

    Christian and Jewish people were put into concentration camps and most of them went to Auschwitz and were imprisoned for years and tested on and killed. This shows persecution of the Jews because they were killed for being Jewish. Even if they were innocent from crime, they were killed.
  • Jewish Badge

    Jewish Badge
    Jewish people were forced to wear an armband with the Star of David on it to show that they were Jewish. This also shows persecution of Jews because it forced them to be identified as Jews and, since Jews have been considered a lower race, they would be persecuted by many for having this armband.
  • Mass-Murder Begins at Chelmno

    Chelmno was the first Major killing operation in order to annihilate the Jewish population. Chelmno was also the first location to use gas to mass-murder Jews. At least 172,000 Jews and others were killed here. This was an event specifically to kill Jewish people, Who’ve done nothing but be Jewish and fight back against persecution/murder of the jews.
  • Announcement of Death Penalty for Aiding Jews

    If anyone is caught hiding a Jew(s) from the Nazi, they will be given the death penalty and killed. This shows persecution of the Jews because if someone wants to stand up for them, they were killed because they were considered bad.
  • Fanny Orenbach Aizenberg

    Fanny Orenbach Aizenberg
    The Gestapo found Fanny hiding Jews and was beaten and taken to a transit camp, then, after ten days she was taken to Auschwitz and had to endure many hardships all because she was trying to help Jewish people
  • Anne Frank

    Anne Frank
    Anne Frank’s family was forced into a school specifically for Jewish people. In July 1942, Anne’s sister, Margot Frank was forced into labor, and Anne and her family went into hiding, but were found and deported to a transit camp in the Netherlands, then sent to Auschwitz, then Bergen because they were Jewish.