The Giver Timeline

By lucyn
  • I Was Born

    I was born in California and given my name, a home, and a family
  • Ceremony of Ones

    Newchildren in Jonas's community get assigned their family and there name. This is different from what it is like no because, unless you were adopted your mom normally gives birth to you and gets to name the baby a name of their choice.
  • My First Birthday Party

    When I turned one I had my first birthday party, and all of my mom's friend's kids came. I had my first cake and got presents.
  • Ceremony of Twos

    My prediction is that on the Ceremony of Twos a child would be given real clothes rather than being bundled up in a blanket. This is different than what my family does because you would start wearing real clothes when you grow into them not at a certian age.
  • Moved To a New House

    A few days before my birthday we moved into a new house because we were going to have more kids in our family and needed a more kid friendly enviorment and a bigger house.
  • Ceremonys of Threes

    In the Ceremony of threes a child gets hair ribbons and starts dream telling. I think that this is different than my community because hair ribbons are a choice for the child and there parents to decide on. I don not understand dream telling because in my house telling what you had a dream about is a choice and it is not a ritual.
  • My First Tea Party

    When I turned three my mom finally trusted me with having tea parties with open top cups so I had a tea party birthday party.
  • Ceremony of Fours

    You get back buttoned jackets so the children could button eachother up. This is very different than my community because you can have a jacket at any age and it would be a very odd thing for the buttons to be in the back of all places.
  • A New Bike!

    This is when I got my first bike, even though it had training wheels I was still proud to be like a "Big Kid".
  • Ceremony of Fives

    My guess is that a child might get a hat and a scarf to go with their coat to keep them warm. I think that this is different than my community because you can wear hats and gloves at any time or any age and there is no rule aginst it.
  • Ice Skating

    I went ice skating for the very first time on my fifth my birthday. It was very scary for me but it aws also very fun.
  • Ceremony of Sixes

    I think taht at the Ceremony of Sixes children should be given a dress outfit to wear on special occasions. This is different from my community because the only age I did not dress up at was when I was only a couple months old and then my mom began putting me in little dresses or skirts.
  • Flower Power

    At my sixth birthday party I got to plant the first flower. I then began to share my an interest with my dad. He loves to garden.
  • Ceremony of Sevens

    In the Ceremony of Sixes a child is given a front buttoned jacket to teach independence. In our community all jackets are front buttoned and we do not think of them as a way to teach independence. We think of jackets more of a source of warmth than a way to teach.
  • Webkinz

    On my seventh birthday I got my first webkinz and it made me very proud to be aloud to play on the computer and talk with the other kids at school about webkinz.
  • Ceremony of Eights

    A child gets their comfort object taken away, starts volunteer hours and gets smaller buttoned jackets with pockets. In my community you can have your comfort object, or stuffed aninmal as long as you wany. Volunteer hours in my community do not normally start until junior high. Jackets buttons normally vary and you cant pick the size and jackets almost always have pockets.
  • Ears Peirced

    When I turmed eight I got my ears peirced. This made me happy because I had been begging for so long.
  • Ceremony of Nines

    At the Ceremonys of Nines a child recieves a bike and girls get the hair ribbons taken out. In my community you can learn to ride a bike at any age, I learned to ride a bike at age 4. Hair ribbons sould not be manditory because some girls might not want to be all girly.
  • Sleepovers!

    When I was nine years old i got to have my first sleepover with someone that was not my cousin. I felt very grown up.
  • Ceremony of Tens

    In the Ceremony of Tens boys and girls get short hair cuts. This is different than my community because you have the personal decision to cut your hair into a different style.
  • Staying Up

    I got to stay up until eight thirty instead of seven thirty. This made me feel very mature.
  • Ceremony of Elevens

    Females recieve new undergarments, and males recieve longer pants. This is different in my community because you get more mature clothing when you grow into it, not when you reache a certian age.
  • Horses

    When I turned eleven I got to do my first horse back riding lessons. It was very exciting for me because I had been wanting to ride horses for a very long time.
  • Ceremony of Twelves

    A child in Jonas's community would be given an assignment, or job and would give up their childhood. This is different from my community because people my age are kids until they are 18 and leave for college.