The German invasion of the Netherlands (By: Abdullah Adil)

Timeline created by Abdullah1981
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  • Neutrality

    The Dutch declare neutrality at the start of World War 2
  • Germans Attack

    Germans Attack
    Around 140,000 Jews live in the Netherlands. Germans attack the Netherlands.
  • Royal Family

    Royal Family
    Dutch Cabinet and royal family flee to London.
  • Central Rotterdam

    Central Rotterdam
    Central Rotterdam is destroyed by German bombing.
  • Occupied Netherlands

    Occupied Netherlands
    The Dutch surrender to Germany. After five days of fighting , there are 2,220 dead soldiers, 2,700 wounded Dutch soldiers, and 2,00 civilian casualties.
  • Atlantic wall

    Atlantic wall
    Germany begins building defenses along the Atlantic coastline from France to Denmark. Many Dutch homes are destroyed and thousands of Dutch citizens are forced to relocate in the process.
  • Dutch Nazis

    Dutch Nazis
    Jews are required to wear the yellow six-pointed star on an outer garment. 3% of the adult male population belongs to the Netherlands Nazi Party and 16,000 young people make up its youth branch.
  • Anne Frank

    Anne Frank
    Anne Frank and her family go into hiding in Amsterdam."Anne wrote a diary while hiding from the Nazis in an Amsterdam warehouse."