The Geat Dpression in Australia carly flint

  • Post world war 1

    after world war Australia borrowed a lot of money from the london loan market
  • Period: to

    The Great Dpression

  • Wall Street crash

    due to problems after world war 1 the stock exctange crashed in 1929 beacause alot of money was needed
  • The goverment spending cuts

    The gover mebts spendings were cut so they had to find loans and intrests .Australia has borrowed to much money from the london loans.
  • Austalian economy astronomy

    After the stock market crashed in 1938 Australias stock market was worth less . The Australia economy was built on exports such as weat , wool and dairy . People around the world didnt have enough money to buy this weat,wool and dairy.
  • The sydney hardbour bridge opens

    in 1932 the sydney hardbour bridge opendand it was seen as a triumph.
  • Un employment at a high point

    one third if the working population were un employed .
  • Economy gradually started to recover