The Future of Computers.

By eidunaj
  • A Computer that Rolls Up Like a Yoga Mat.

    A Computer that Rolls Up Like a Yoga Mat.
    Rolltop LaptopIn 2009, Orkin Design in Germany came up with a design that could change the computing systems for life. They designed a laptop that is able to be used as a laptop, and a tablet.
  • petaFLOPS.

    Timeline of the Future (Scroll down for computing) A brand of computers, called petaFLOPS, is predicted to have 10 computers made by 2012.
  • Voice-Activated Keyboards?

    Voice-Activated Keyboards?
    It is predicted that by 2013, voice controlled keyboards/mouses will take over the regular systems we use now.
  • Computers in Pen-Form

    Computers in Pen-Form
    In the near future, many people have predicted that computers that look similar to pens will be able to project on any surface, with a holographic screen, and keyboard.
  • Computers that involve DNA

    Computers that involve DNA
    Scientists and designers are hoping by the 2020's, that all computers will have some type of DNA reader.
  • Computers Switched Off

    Computers Switched Off
    10 Years into the Future - ComputersIt has been stated that in about 10 years, all computers may be switched off for a while (years, maybe)... but whenever they're switched back on, they will all work perfectly.
  • supercomputer.

    By 2032, zettaFLOPS' goal is to have only one 'supercomputer'.
  • Holographic Computers

    Holographic Computers
    It has been predicted for the future of desktop computers that they, in fact, will be holographic... keyboard and all.
  • A Rather Small Sized Computer.

    A Rather Small Sized Computer.
    You already know that there is a type of computer that can roll up like a yoga mat, but sometime in the future, it is said there will be a computer/laptop that can fold up into the size of a sticky note.