The French Revolution and Napoleon (by Tina Cao)

By tinacao
  • Building of Versailles

    Louis XIV's center for the new royal court to distance himself from most of Paris's population and to extract more power from the government.
  • American Revolution

    Political upheaval efforts of the original 13 colonies to try to break free from the British Empire. We achieved democracy, wrote a constitution, freed americans.
  • Estates general meeting

    General assembly of representing the three French Estates. Caused the third estate to form the National Assembly and signaled the outbreak of the French Revolution
  • Tennis Court Oath

    A pledge signed by members from the Third Estate who were locked out of a meeting of the Estates-General. They forced a new constitution to be written.
  • Storming of the Bastille

    Went into prison, took it apart piece by piece, let everyone out, started riots. It was one of the main causes that started the French Revolution.
  • First meeting of the National Assembly under the new French Constitution (Declaration of the rights of men)

    Decided all rights of men are to be universal. Everybody has the same rights.
  • March on Versailles (Women calling Louis back to Paris)

    Women turned into mobs and demanded the King to return to France. It ended the independent authority of the King.
  • Reign of Terror

    A period of violence led by Robespierre that occured after the onset of the French Revolution. There were political rivalries between the Girondins and Jacobins, and the death toll was extremely high. There were many deaths caused by the guillotine.
  • Robespierre's death

    The Convention ordered the arrest of Robespierre. Robespierre was then guillotined without trial. This led to Napoleon's emperor status to France.
  • The formation of the Directory

    A system of Government. It constitutes as the second to last stage of the French Revolution.
  • The coronation of Napoleon

    The ceremony marking Napoleon as the Emperor of France. This marked the modern empire and caused Napoleon to lead France through many battles.
  • Napoleon retreats from Moscow

    Hungry, the army retreated. Suffered continual harrassment from the Russians.
  • Waterloo (Napoleon's last stand)

    Ended Napoleon's rule as Emperor to the French; he was exhiled. It was the end of Napoleonic Wars and signing of The Treaty of Paris
  • Coup D'Etat

    Napoleon initiated this to replace the government. In the outcome, it successfully dissolluted the French National Assembly.