the facinating events in the life of ingrid

  • my birth

    i was born in a sunny morning in honduras tegucigalpa, my mother was all by herself and my fathers was jogging when suddenly in my own house my mother gave birth to me alone. then that sme day they took me to the hospital and the doctors said i was a very healthy beautiful baby!
  • my baptism

    i was baptised as a catholic in church, all the important people to me had travel all the way to honduras to be in the precence of my greatness!
  • my baby brother

    after receiving the great gift of my person my parents did`t seem to get enough. nine month later i received a little gift named mario.
  • the divorce

    although my parents had such a marvelous gift of that perfect daughter, that did`t seem to complete their love, so in that summer they got a divorce.
  • guatemala

    guatemala had for the first time the prestige of having the most marvelous person of the world in their land, and here i meet my grandmother and lived whith her for a while.
  • pre school

    it was in that year that the first teacher got that fantastic oportunitie of teaching a so much superior being as mysel, i studied in my grand mothers school, santa clara maria.
  • primary school

    this was the first year i was so apart of that woman who gave life to the most amazing living being, i really missed her all those 8 hours. i got a chance to make new frined, who were dignified to be in my precence, and to lear new things.
  • adventures

    this year my mother showed me all the wonders, beside my self, of the world and took me and my brothers to i discovered my pasion for nature and my love for animals.
  • the disease

    the turns of life are so unimaginable, how could a great creature so healthy get so sick, i was striked by a diseas whos name is not important and also i don`t remember, but i misses a lot of class and almost flunked the year.thatnk godness for my great ness i did`t.
  • wapo

    my mother she being that marvelous person for taking care of me, believed that it was time to give me some responsability so she went and bought a maltese, son of snoopy and kiki, he was named wapo! and so there was the begining of a billiant friendship.
  • grad!

    the english american school had the honor of presenting me as a new high school student, for the sake of it they were very proud.
  • new school

    this year i started in a school worthy enough of my greatness and it was acctually very hard for me to get used to all these new people.
  • oportunities

    in this dat eprofesor mike had the huge opportunity of getting to know all the fantastic yet unbeliabable events of her favorite student ingrid.
  • wow

    after surviving the myth of 2012 ingrid decide her life was so much bigger than she thought so she went on a trip to all space and time and discovered the true mening of life, and by doing this she was able to save humanity.