The evolution of the internet

  • Stanford and UCLA

    Stanford and UCLA
    Standfords crashStandford and UCLA were the first to connect and send something through the web to each other in 1996, they managed to send 2 emails but unfortunatly it crashed after 2 the sending of these. This happened at the same time as the 1996 Academy awards.
  • The Harvard connection

    The Harvard connection
    the harvard connection web addressIn 1970 an 'arpanet' company managed to make a network which established between harvard, MITT and BBN
  • Email

    What is domain? In 1971, Ray Thompson invented email. He invited the '@' sign which had the purpose of seperating the name of the user from the computer name, now known as the DOMAIN.
  • Facebook

    Qwicklr is another good example. In 2004, 'The Facebook' was invented. It was only open to colledge students at first, it was a way for them to connect with eachother outside of there school emails. It was originally referrd to as 'The Faceboo' until the 'The' was dropped, and then Facebook became available to everyone with internet access.
  • Connecting the TV to computers

    Connecting the TV to computers
    Hulu In 2007 'Hulu' was released. Hulu is a website which allows you to watch TV programmes that play on teh tv, on your computer or laptop.