The Epicness of Laith

By alabril
  • Laith was born

    The king of epicness was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • 1st Birthday

    You guessed it, my first birthday.
  • 2nd Birthday

    Yeah, my second b-day.
  • My sister is born

    My 1st and only sister is born. My 1st sibling.
  • My 3rd Birthday

    Yeah, the title is pretty self-explanatory.
  • My 4th birthday

    My 4th B-day
  • My brother is born

    My 1st brother is born.
  • My 5th B-day

    My 5th Birthday
  • My 6th B-day

  • The 1st day of 5th grade

    I started 5th grade.
  • John Coy has lunch at Taism

    John Coy ate lunch with us.