The effect of the European Settlers on Aboriginals

  • William dampier's opinion of aboriginal people

    William dampier wrote in 1688 that Australia’s Indigenous people were one of the most miserable people in the world
  • The arrival of the the first fleet

    Eleven British ships carrying about 1000 people sailed into Port Jackson on Australia's Coast.
  • The smallpox disease

    Smallpox killed half of indigenous population around port jackson
  • The murder of Pemulwuy

    In 1802 Pemulwuy was murdered. His gullitone head was sent to England to be studied by and examined by scientists.
  • Aborigines were intimidated by the english

    Aborigines were extremely fearful of european settlers
  • A nyungar was shot

    a Nyungar was shot while taking potatoes from a settler’s garden. The settler thought this was stealing but the Nyungar would have seen it as taking the land’s resources because all aborigines thought no-one owned the lands resources.
  • Myall creek massacre

    Many aboriginal people died because of being shot or stabbed by english people.
  • The decrease in population of the Kurnai people

    By 1858 the Kurnai population had reduced from about 2000 in the year 1840 to only 80 as a result of settler attacks and massacres and the new diseases introduced by sealers and whalers.
  • The recurring of diseases

    Disease was a problem that continued in Coranderrk, and tuberculosis, smallpox and venereal disease all caused many deaths. As well as causing deaths, these diseases disadvantaged the reserve of labour and children. Half of all children born on Aboriginal reserves before 1900 died in infancy.
  • The closure of farming, baking, schooling and house building

    Farming, baking, schooling and house building were original activities during much of the reserve’s often thriving existence. Its closure in 1924 was a severe blow to the Indigenous people.