Right of Women, Migrants and Indigenous

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  • Aboriginals

    White people were allowed to shoot any aboriginals that were on there property it was part of the law.
  • Aboriginals

    Governer Macquarie makes ruling no armed Aboriginals near towns and no more than six Aboriginals to be 'lurking'.
  • First Womens Riot.

    First Womens Riot.
    First Female Workers Riot occured at the Parramatta Female Factory over conditions and food deprivation.
  • Period: to


    Californian gold rush attracts tens of thousands of people from Europe, Latin America, Australia and China. In 1850 California introduces a new tax on alien gold miners, targeting the Chinese.
  • migrants

    Gold is discovered in New South Wales and Victoria, followed by other colonies until 1890s. The gold rushes result in mass migration from the British Isles, Europe, America and China.
  • Migrants

    Victoria introduces the first Immigration Restriction Act in Australia aimed at limiting Chinese immigration. Other Australian colonies soon follow.
  • Migrants

    Local Indigenous populations continue to resist settlers and immigrants. Killings of local Aboriginal populations continue across Australia until the early 1900s.
  • Migrants

    Queensland sugar plantation owners commence forcible labour recruitment of Pacific Islanders. Around 62,000 'kanakas' are kidnapped before the practice ceases in 1901.
  • Aboriginals

    since 1804 150 Aboriginals were shot dead.
  • Women’s Suffrage Society

    Henrietta Dugdale and Annie Lowe formed the Victorian Women’s Suffrage Society.
  • Aboriginals

    Aboriginal people are believed to be a dying race, requiring children of mixed descent to be absorbed into the 'white' community. The Aborigines Act officially commences the removal of Aboriginal children in Victoria.
  • Doctor

    First Registered Australian Doctor- Constance Stone
  • Aboriginals

    Commenwealth was formed but Aboriginals wern't classed as citezens.
  • Migrants

    The newly federated Australia passes the Immigration Restriction and Pacific Island Labourers acts, based on the 1896 Immigration Restriction Act (USA) and the 1897 Natal Immigration Restriction Bill (South Africa). Referred to as the ‘White Australia’ policy it includes a dictation test for the sole purpose of excluding immigrants deemed undesirable.
  • The government passed an act to allow wowen to vote.

    After federation the government passed an act to allow women to vote and stand in the 1903 federal election.
    Australia was the first country to let women to run for parliment.
  • Women vote in federal election

    Emmeline Pankhurst was the main person, founding the Women's Social and political Union in the Uk to push for the right to vote. These women wre tough, and under the slogan "Deeds not Words" they employed some pretty militant tactics, like chaining themselves to railings, setting fire to mailboxes, smashing windows and even detonating bombs. They were called Suffragetts.
  • women in Victoria

    Women in Victoria won an equal right with men to vote in State elections. Only women who met the propery qualification could vote in Legislative Council elections. Victorian women won an equal right o stand for election to both Houses of their State parliament in 1924.
  • Migrant

    Britain starts sending child migrants to Australia, resulting in about 6,500 children often being subjected to enforced labour and appalling treatment in the interests of building a 'white' Australia.
  • Maternity Allowance

    Maternity Allowance act started at €5.
  • Period: to


    Women were eager to help when World War 1 broke out, but their attempts to take on many traditional male roles were not allowed.
  • 1915

    South Australia and NSW appoint the first female police officers-Kate Cocks and Annie Ross.
  • Aboriginals

    The number of Aboriginal fight and murders have gone down.
  • First female in politics.

    Susan Grace Benny became the first female member of a local government council in Australia, on 22 December 1919.
  • Wage

    Minimum wage for women's work set at 54% of the male rate.
  • Parliment

    Edith Cowan became the first woman to be elected to an Australian parliament. She served in the Western Australian Legislative Assembly until 22 March 1924.
  • CWA

    The first branches of the Australian CWA were founded, giving women on the land a chance to fundraise for varios causes, support local communites and of course socialise.
  • Female speaker

    Millecent Preston-Stanly was the first female speaker in NSW.
  • The Australian Womens weekly.

    The Australian Women,s Weekly - was founded by Frank Packer. Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy, Dawn Fraser and Julia Gillard are among the hundreds of women to grace the cover, and the magazine's famous cookbooks are a feature of Australian home kitchens.
  • Aboriginals

    The Aboriginals were not allowed to have cerimonies or anything to do with there culture.
  • War

    With so many men gone to war, Australian women were finally able to enter the workforce in men's roles in unprecedented numbers. The Australian Women's Land Army was founded to recruit women to work on farms where there were no men left. The Australian Women's Army Service (AWAS) recruited thousands of women for military duties such as manning radios and anti-aircraft machinery, as drivers and in other clerical roles.
  • Pension

    Widows' pensions were introduced.
  • Federal Paliment

    First Women elected to federal Parliment- Enid Lyons and Dorothy Tangney.
  • Aboriginals

    Aboriginals were given the right to vote in state elections.
  • Aboriginal

    All Aboriginal women (and Men) were finally able to vote.
  • Aboriginals

    The Aboriginals were now allowed to vote in all elections.
  • Aboriginals

    Aboriginals had the same right as White Australians and they could live anywhere.
  • Aboriginals

    Aboriginals were now known as citezens of Australia.
  • Aboriginals

    Uluru is handed back to the Aboriginals.
  • Cathy Freeman

    First Aboriginal woman to win a gold medal at the Commanwealth Games- Cathy Freeman.
  • Equal opportunity

    Equal opportunity for Women in the work place.
  • Julia Gillard

    First female deputy Prime Minister - Julia Gillard
  • Quentin Bryce

    First female Governer genral of Australia- Quentin Bryce
  • Aboriginals

    Kevin Rudd apoligizes to the stolen generation.
  • Australia's first female Prime Minister

    Julia Gillard became the first female Prime Minister, serving from 24th June 2012 to 27th June 2013.
  • Nova Peris

    Olympic Hockey Gold medallist, Nova Peris was the first Aboriginal woman to be elected to a seat in Federal parliament.