Aboriginal History, Australia

  • Van Diemen's Land

    Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) settlers are authorised to shoot Aborigines in response to Aboriginal resistance.
    Cause: The aboriginals resisting white people settling
    Effect: Thw whites were allowed to shoot any aboriginals on their property.
  • Aboriginals resisting arrest

    One hundred and fifty Aborigines are killed resisting arrest in the Kimberleys.
    Cause: The Aboriginals resisted arrest while protesting.
    Effect: One hundred and fifty were shot dead.
  • Aboriginal resistence

    Jandamarra, or Pidgeon, an Aboriginal resistance fighter, declares war on white invaders in the West Kimberleys and prevents settlement for six years.
    Cause:He wanted to keep the land the way it was and with the traditional owners.
    Effect:He stopped settlement for 6 years.
  • Commonweath of Australia

    Commonwealth of Australia formed. Indigenous Australians are excluded from the census and the lawmaking of the parliment
    Cause:To unite Australia, but for the aboriginals it made them part of the flora and fauna.
    Effect:Aboriginals were not classed as citizens.
  • Children taken

    Beginning of WWI. Approximately 400 to 500 Aboriginal children continue to be removed from their families during the period 1914 to 1918, including children whose fathers were overseas at war.
    Cause: White people thought the aboriginals should be civilised and they thought taking the children and raising them with white people values would help this.
    Effect: The stolen generation
  • The Northern Territory Aboriginal Ordinance Act

    Aboriginal people could not drink or possess or supply alcohol or methylated spirits, could not come within two chains of licensed premises, have firearms, marry non-Aboriginal people without permission.
    Cause: To stop murderings and druken fights
    Effect: The numbers for aboriginal fights and murderings went down.
  • Coniston massacre

    Coniston massacre
    Coniston massacre: whites admit to shooting l7 Aborigines after a white dingo trapper is killed.
    Cause: The "white" people wanted revenge for killing the dingo trapper.
    Effect: he shot 17 Aboriginals.
  • Aboriginal Act

    Under the Aborigines Act, Aboriginal people can apply to ‘cease being Aboriginal’ and have access to the same rights as the white skinned people.
    Cause:They thought it would be better for the aboriginals to be with better raised people.
    Effect:The aboriginals weren't allowed to do their ceromonies or anything to with their culture.
  • Australian Citizenship Act

    Australian Citizenship Act gives Indigenous Australians the vote in Commonwealth elections if they are enrolled for State elections.
    Cause: The goverment passed the rights to vote for aboriginals that are enrolled in state elections.
    Effect: The aboriginals voted if they were in they are enrolled in state eletions.
  • Rights to vote

    All Indigenous people are given the vote in Commonwealth elections.
    Cause: The goverment passed the right for them to vote.
    Effect: The aboriginals now vote in all elections.
  • Atomic tests in Australia

    Atomic tests in Australia
    Atomic tests are conducted on Maralinga lands in South Australia, leaving many Aborigines suffering radiation sickness.
    Cause: The Cold War
    Effect: Aboriginals were effected by radiation sickness and after 55 years people could finally return to their homes in the area.
  • Aboriginals have the same rights as White Australians

    First Native Welfare Conference – policy of Assimilation is adopted to make Aboriginal people the same as White Australians.
    Cause: Some white Australians thought that it was wrong that aboriginals were not treated in the same way as white Australians, they Started the First Native Welfare Conference.
    Effect: The aboriginals dad the same rights as white Australians and they could live any where in Australia (not just in certain places like before)
  • Aboriginal Tent embassy

    Tent Embassy established out side of the parliment house.
    Cause: To remember the aboriginals and their parliment.
    Effect: Aboriginals were known as a citizen not under the flora and furna act.
  • Uluru handed back to the Aboriginals

    Uluru was handed back to the Aboriginal people.
    Cause: Thery thought it would be good to keep the indiginous ways. (good for tourism)
    Effect: The aboriginals started to do their dances and ceromonys
  • Prime Minister Kevin Rudds "sorry" speech

    Prime Minister Kevin Rudds "sorry" speech
    On this date Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said sorry to the stolen generation.
    Cause: Mr Rudd wanted to make an apology for what had occurred to the aboriginals in the past, he wanted Ausralia to move on from that time and turn the wrongs right.
    Effect: The aboriginals accepted his apology.
  • Mr Tony Abbott wants to take Tent embassy down

    Mr Tony Abbott wants to take down the Tent Embassy. He said "I think its time to forget about it."
    cause: He thought it was time to move on from this display by the abotiginals and it had reached the time to move on.
    effect: Protests in the streets and at tent embassy.