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HIGE Assessment Term 1

  • Jan 1, 1400

    Aboriginals (People Group)

    Aboriginals (People Group)
    It is thought that the Aboriginals have been in Australia 60,000 years before the British settlers came. The Aboriginals are the first ever Australians. They believe that they all own and share the land, so there is no true owner. There are over 500 different Aboriginal tribes in Australia and they speak over 1000 different languages. The men in the tribe would be the ones hunting big animals while the women catch fish and cook bread and dinner for everyone in the tribe.
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    Arabanoo was the first Aboriginal the British kidnapped. He was born in 1759 and he unfortunately died in 1789 due to smallpox when he was 30 from the British. He was kidnapped so the British could understand the way of the Aboriginals and try to make peace with them, although this was not a success. In order to make sure he wouldn't escape, he was normally handcuffed, had iron chains around his legs. He would have to wear rope around his feet and hands when he when to bed so he couldn't move.
  • England was over crowded

    England was over crowded
    In the 1760s in early England it was very over crowded and unhygienic. This is because there was people would keep moving to England. This caused poverty and overcrowding because there weren't enough houses for people to live in. Early England it was also very unhygienic because if one person were to get sick since everyone was so packed together it would spread very quickly and there weren't many cures for illnesses. There was also a lot of poverty because of the amount of crime there was.
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    Colbee was like the chief to the Eora tribe. He was born in 1760 in New South Wales and unfortunately died in 1804 in New South Wales. Colbee was kidnapped along with Bennelong although at least a week after he was captured he escaped and Bennelong stayed.
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    Bennelong was an Aboriginal man who was captured by Governor Philip in 1789. He was born in New South Wales in 1764 and he unfortunately died on the 3rd of January in 1813 in Kissing Point New South Wales. Bennelong was a senior man in the Eora tribe. He served as an interlocutor between the British people and the Aboriginal people. This means he would share the British people's point of view with the Aboriginal's and the Aboriginal's point of view with the British.
  • Captain Cook Came To Australia

    Captain Cook Came To Australia
    Captain Cook arrived in Australia New South Wales on the 29th of April in 1770. He came to find more land to set up British colonies because England was too overcrowded. He came with at least 100 people. The most well known people on the ship were, Captain Cook and Joseph Banks as well as a few more people. Joseph Banks was a famous botanist who came to discover new plant life. When they arrived in Australia Sir Joseph Banks did end up discovering a new plant life and species of animals.
  • Australia Day

    Australia Day
    This is the day when different parts of Australia was colonised by the British people. When Australia was colonised Queensland was the only part of Australia that was not colonised as it was later found by Lieutenant John Oxley.
  • Convicts (People group)

    Convicts (People group)
    The convicts that came from England were prisoners that were sent over to Australia because they did something really bad and had to be transported. When they were sent over, depending on how bad the crime was, they would be given an amount of time to spend over in Australia. They would either be sent over for, four years, six years, eight years, ten years, twelve years, fourteen years or a life time. The convicts would have to work for fourteen to eighteen hours a day.
  • Soldiers (People Group)

    Soldiers (People Group)
    The soldiers were the men of Governor Philip. They would go everywhere with him to guard him. Although, most of the soldiers would be watching the convicts making sure they wouldn't try to escape and that they would be doing their work. They would wear red and black clothes with loaded guns and pocket knives.
  • The First Church Service

    The First Church Service
    On the day that all the everyone departed the boats there was a small church service. It was located in what is now known as Macquarie Place. The church service was when Governor Phillip rose the British flag. There was praying, singing, dancing and speeches. It is known that everyone that came on the boats were there and they all rejoiced. Now days if you walk past the area, there is a monument that reads a verse that was repeated over and over on the day of departure.
  • Bennelong and Colbee were captured

    Bennelong and Colbee were captured
    Bennelong and Colbee were Aboriginal men who were captured by Governor Philips men. They captured Bennelong and Colbee so Governor Philip could understand the Aboriginals more and try to show them how the British did't come to hurt them but to live there. Governor Philip was hoping that if he made peace with Bennelong and Colbee, they would go tell everyone else who was Aboriginal how they weren't going to hurt them.
  • Bennelong Escaped

    Bennelong Escaped
    On the 24th of April 1790 Bennelong escaped from Governor Philip's house. He escaped because he wanted to live his traditional way he used to live and because he was taken away from his family and friends.
  • Governor Philip was speared (continuing)

    Governor Philip was speared (continuing)
    After he was speared all of the soldiers started to shoot their guns and chase after the Aboriginals until they went away and out of sight. Governor Philip's shoulder recover fully after a month.
  • Governor Philip was speared

    Governor Philip was speared
    On the 7th of September in 1790 Governor Arthur Philip was speared in the shoulder by an Aboriginal. The Aboriginal speared him because he kidnapped Bennelong. They called this process 'Pay Back'. This is when someone or a group of people have done something that they don't like so they do something back to them. Once this happens the Aboriginals believe that they are both equal and can be friends. They used a spear that wouldn't kill him but would hurt him and go straight thought his shoulder.
  • Going back to England

    Going back to England
    On the 11th of December 1792 Governor Philip was accompanied by Bennelong and Imeerawanyee (two Aboriginal men) on his way back to England. He wanted to go back to England to share his journey and his findings with people. Unfortunately Imeerawanyee died 11 years after arriving in England due to pneumonia and Governor Phillip died 21 years after arriving in England although no one is quite sure how he died and no one is sure when Bennelong died but it is thought to be 5 years after the Governor
  • Australia is an island

    Australia is an island
    In 1801-1803 Captain Matthew Flinders traveled around the whole of the Australian mainland, and proved that Australia was one massive island. The journey took approximately 3-5 months on the boat though many storms and flat days. Captain Matthew Flinders was an English man who was a navigator and a cartographer. A cartographer is someone that draws out maps and then produces them.
  • The Free Settlers (People Group)

    The Free Settlers (People Group)
    The early settlers were the first group of European migrants that came to Australia. They arrived on a separate boat as they weren't prisoners. They arrived in Botany Bay on the 18th of January and stayed until the 20th but they had to keep sailing because the living conditions were too poor. They arrived on the 23rd of January with the rest of the boats but they didn't depart the boats until the 26th of January. The early settlers were know as the richest people. Governor Philip was one as well
  • The Black War

    The Black War
    The Black War was is 1838-1842 when the British settlers formed an army in Tasmania to wipe out all Aboriginal people so Tasmania could be Aboriginal free. This happened to end all conflict between the British and the Aboriginals. There were at least 2200 people known to form the army and nearly all the Aboriginals were killed, luckily some of them survived.
  • The First Sight of Gold

    The First Sight of Gold
    On the 12th of February in 1851 there was the first sight of gold. Soon after that more and more people would start to find gold. Three months after the first sighting of gold, a rush of people from all across the world came to live in Victoria to find gold. This is known to be called 'The Great Australian Gold Rush'. This caused Victoria's population to shoot up from 6,212 people to a whooping 63,719 people. After the gold rush ended Victoria's population stayed very high for quite some time.
  • Queendsland was colonised

    Queendsland was colonised
    Queensland was colonised because when it was found Governor Philip decided to make it to give penalties to the difficult convicts. For the first 22 years of the British people living in Australia, Queensland was not colonised. This is because it wasn't discovered yet and then when it was discovered they didn't use it until 5 years later because they thought the weather got too bad and it was too tropical.