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Civil Rights Project

By coooot
  • The Jim Crow Laws

    The Jim Crow Laws
    the Jim Crow laws were laws that effectively legalised and enforced the segregation of black people. these laws were mainly in the south and were detrimental for the African American community.
  • Period: to

    The Stolen Generation

    The stolen generation was a period in time when thousands of aboriginal children were taken from their families to blend them with the white population.
  • The Policy of Protectionism

    The Policy of  Protectionism
    This policy essentially gave every main state and territory of Australia almost complete and total control of the indigenous peoples. it also denied the of the most basic human rights such as as the right to work or to have custody of their own children. This policy also stated that indigenous people could not won their own property.
  • Period: to

    Strikes and Walk Outs

    These strikes and walkouts were are series of nationwide strikes held by the aboriginal community in protest of poor work conditions and inequality. An example of these strikes was the Pilbara strike, Australias longest recorded strike. This strike sent many farms and rural companies out of business.
  • The Day of Mourning

    The Day of Mourning
    the day of the morning was a protest held by the aboriginal people as it was the 100 year anniversary of invasion day.
  • The Policy of Assimilation

    The Policy of Assimilation
    the policy of assimilation was essentially the Australian government's ploy to peacefully exterminate the aboriginal race. They were doing this by removing children from their families and teaching them the "white" way of life.
  • Brown Vs Board of Education

    Brown Vs Board of Education
    In 1954 after a supreme court case, it was ruled in the US that the segregation between races at school was unconstitutional.
  • Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycotte

    Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycotte
    This was a 13-month protest led by Rosa Parks. It was in protest of the racial segregation on the American public transport system such as buses being either for white it coloured people.
  • Little Rock Nine

    Little Rock Nine
    Little Rock Nine was a monumental occasion for the African American people of America. 9 brave students attended a previously all-white high school, breaking a lot of stigma around them.
  • Greensboro Sit-Ins

    Greensboro Sit-Ins
    The Greensboro sit-ins were a series of non-violent protests held in primarily the Woolworths stores. these protests were to try and change the un equality and segregation of people of colour.
  • Electoral Act Amendmen

    Electoral Act Amendmen
    the Electoral Act Amendem was the official decision by the Australian government to grant the aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia the right to vote. However, enrolment and voting were not compulsory.
  • Beginnign of land rights and the Yirrkala petition

    Beginnign of land rights and the Yirrkala petition
    This date was a massive step in the right direction for the native Australians. for the first time, they were granted the right to some of their land with native tile litigation. This Paved the way for the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1976.
  • Martin Luther King Jailed

    Martin Luther King Jailed
    in 1963 Martin Luther King was sent to jail after leading a black rights protest. In his time in jail, he wrote a letter to about rights for black people.
  • The March on Washington

    The March on Washington
    The march in Washington is one of the most famous protests in the civil rights movement. 250,000 people gathered in Washington to listen to MLK's (I have a dream speech). this speech was inspirational and changed America forever.
  • President Johnson signs Civil rights Act of 1964

    President Jonhson signed the civil rights act 1964 prohibiting all racial discrimination in all areas
  • The Freedom Rides

    The Freedom Rides
    The freedom rides were another protest for the rights and equality of the indigenous people of Australia. the freedom rides was a bus trip of uni students riding through NSW preaching equality and dlove.
  • Wave Hill Cattle Strike

    Wave Hill Cattle Strike
    This strike is one of Australia's most famous strikes as it made a real difference. Vincent Lingiari went on strike for almost 8 years until the Aboriginal land rights act was formed.
  • Referedum

    the 1967 Referendum was a referendum held by the holt government. It was called to help change the constitution in relation to aboriginal people in favour if equality.
  • The Mabo Decision

    The Mabo Decision
    The Mabo decision was the first official recognition of aboriginal land rights, reversing Terra Nulluis
  • The Redfern Speech

    The Redfern Speech
    The Redfern speech was a speech made by Australian president paul keeting in Sydney's inner suburbs. The aim of this speech was t shift Australia's identity from being British to being a grounded Australian experience.
  • The Bringing Them Home Report

    The Bringing Them Home Report
    The bringing them home report was the report from a national inquiry into the separation of aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander children from their families.
  • Kevin Rudd Apology

    Kevin Rudd Apology
    In 2008, Kevin Rudd made an official apology speech to the stolen generation, showing his regret and shame for the previous parliament.