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Currents of thought - Aboriginalism

By arahhal
  • Aboriginalism Definition

    Aboriginalism is the fight for rights and lands of the aboriginal peoples. It is the protests made and governments created in order to prevent the Whites from taking over the lands of the first habitants. This is a struggle for preserving lands as well by preventing exploitation.
  • Event #1 - Indian Act

    “The Indian Department became a federal office in 1868 and has continued under various titles until the present day. Legislation governing Aboriginal people was consolidated into one INDIAN ACT in 1876”
  • Cultural Expression - Indian Act

    Cultural Expression - Indian Act
  • Current of thought #1 - Indian Act

    Current of thought #1 - Indian Act
  • Other Event #3 - Indian Act

  • Event #2 - Provisional Government

    Event #2 - Provisional Government
    Louis Riel, a Metis leader, set up a provisional government in 1885. This was done in order to protect the Metis people’s rights and culture since they were not respected by Canada. The lands of the Metis were at risk of being taken over and after several failed attempts to be heard, the start of a government seemed necessary.
  • Power Relations #1 - Potlashes

  • Relationship

  • Cultural expression - NIB

    The National Indian Brotherhood, set up to protect the rights and culture of Aboriginal peoples, represented all the indigenous peoples in Canada in political & federal affairs.
  • Power Relations #2 - NIB

    The NIB allowed Aboriginal peoples who were living lives under difficult circumstances to hold more power. They were finally able to reject a plan of assimilation by the Pierre Elliott Trudeau government in 1969 with this organization.
  • Current of Thought #2 - NIB

    Current of Thought #2 - NIB
    This Brotherhood was very important since it encouraged Aboriginal peoples to move from rebelling to arguing in court. This meant that they would have more of a say and start winning victories for themselves. For example, in 1982, Aboriginal peoples were able to argue their land claims in court and in the 1990s started standing up to the army.
  • Other Event #4 - Deadly confrontations

  • Other Event #1 - Court rights

  • Other Event #2 - Standing up to army

  • Influence #1 - Relationships

  • Cultural expression

    Susan Aglukark is an Artist. Through her personal lyrics and story, Susan sings and speaks of her Inuk heritage while giving voice to the social state of the Canadian Aboriginal community.
    With the release of her latest album “White Sahara”, Susan highlights songs such as “Where Do We Go From Here” a question asked on behalf of many Aboriginal youth to it’s leaders, while songs like “Revolution Road” reminds listeners that warriors and heroes exist among every day people.
  • Influence #2 - Treaty

    Influence #2 - Treaty
    From the NIB, Aborginial peoples gained more courage to stand up for their rights. Especially since native group came together to join forces, as Chief Big Bear once suggested. This event changed cultures since new alliances were being formed to fight. In 2002, a treaty was signed which declared a deal with Hydro-Quebec and the Cree.