20th Century History Overview

By Luke998
  • Treaty of Versailles signed!

    The peace treaty for WW1 was signed and there was peace in the world once more.
  • Penicillin discovery!

    Penicillin was discovered by a Scottish scientist and nobel peace prize winner named Fred Fleming in 1928.
  • World stock market crash!

    The world stock market crashed. This was a precursor to the great depression.
  • Day of Mourning

    The Day of Mourning was a day of protest held by Aboriginal Australians. It was declared to be a protest of 150 years of bad treatment and the seizure of land, and was designed to stand in contrast to the Australia Day celebrations held by the European population on the same day.
  • World war 2 begins!

    World war 2 begins.
  • Synthetic rubber invented!

    This allowed erasers to be made and it also allowed for cars to have tyres, which are much more fuell efiicient.
  • Nuclear bomb (Atom bomb) invented!

    This is when it was invented. It was first tested in Mexico.
  • Nuclear bombing in Japan commenced!

    U.K and U.S.A began their nuclear bombing of Hiroshima, Japan, and Nagasaki, Japan, to finish off world war 2.
  • Nuclear bombing in Japan finished!

    U.S.A and the U.K finished bombing Hiroshima, Japan, and Nagasaki, Japan. This left mass destruction and killed 150,000-250,000 people. It really showed the world how powerful nuclear bombs were.
  • World war 2 ends!

    World war two is over.
  • The transistor was invented!

    This is really significant as it allowed computers to be made with an alternative to rubber vaccum tubes and it was much more effective. It meant computers could evolve to be as powerful as they are now.
  • Korean war begins!

    The Korean war commenced on this date.
  • Korean war ends!

    The Korean war is over.
  • Vietnam war begins!

    Vietnam war begins.
  • FCAA meeting

    At this meeting the Federal Council for Aboriginal Advancement was formed by activists from all mainland states. The first two goals of this group were repeal of all legislation which discriminated against the Aborigines and amendment to the Commonwealth Constitution to give the Commonwealth Government power to legislate for Aborigines as with all other citizens.
  • Aboriginal Right to vote federally

    In 1962, the Menzies Government (1949-1966) enabled all Aboriginal Australians to enrol to vote in Australian Federal Elections.
  • Cuban missile crisis begins!

    Cuba missile crisis started.
  • Cuba missile crisis ends!

    Cuba missile crisis ended, and a world war 3 was avoided.
  • "I had a dream" speech

    Martin Luther King Jr. spoke what is arguably the most famous speech that was ever made.
  • Aboriginal Freedom ride 1965

    The Freedom Ride of 1965 was a civil campaign which focused on the appalling living conditions which Aboriginal people endured living outside the towns. It was led by Charles Perkins. The aim of the ride was to encourage and support Aboriginal people themselves to resist discrimination as well as ensure media coverage.
  • 1967 Referendum

    This Referendum that was called by the Holt Government, approved two amendments to the Australian constitution relating to Indigenous Australians. Technically it was a vote on the Constitution Alteration (for Aboriginal People) in 1967, which became law following the results of the referendum. The amendments were overwhelmingly endorsed, winning 90.77 percent of votes cast and carrying in all six states (Only 6 voted back then).
  • Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated!

    Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee, on this date.
  • First step on the moon by Neill Armstrong!

    "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!"
  • Pong is released!

    This is the first video game ever, that had multiple copies of it made, and therefore was available to the public. This game created a huge culture and really changed the world as we know it.
  • Vietnam war ends!

    The vietnam war is over.
  • Mabo case started.

    The famous Eddie Mabo case that gave back a large amount of the land rights of Australia back to the Indigenous Australian's, was starte during May, 1982.
  • Thriller album released!

    This made a huge impact on the culture of our modern society and truly changed the world. To this day this is the best selling album ever.
  • Windows 1.0 released!

    MS DOS, microsoft's first operating system was released to the public on this date. This is the beginning of what is now a very revolutionary computer operating system.
  • Nelson Mandela is freed!

    This was very significant as his movement completely changed life for the South Africans of the world.
  • Gulf war begins!

    The gulf war commences when the Iraqi invade Kuwait in 1990.
  • Gulf war ends!

    The gulf war is over.
  • Land rights of Aborigines acknowledged.

    On the 3 June the High Court of Australia handed down its judgment on the Mabo case. The High Court agreed with this view, and the idea of 'terra nullius' - that Australia had been empty of people when settled by the British - was abandoned and the pre-existing rights of Indigenous Australians acknowledged.
  • Bringing them home report (The stolen Generations).

    The report was a tribute to the strength and struggles of many thousands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people affected by forcible removal. In tre report the hardships Indigenous Australian's endured and the sacrifices they made were acknowledged and remembered.
  • The Apology

    This was one of Kevin Rudd's most famous speeches and was when Australia finally apologised to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples'.