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Aboriginal Conflict in Australia

  • Captain James Cook Settled in Australia

    Captain James Cook Settled in Australia
    Captain James Cook arrives on Asutralia's eastern shores. Claiming this new land as theres and begins settlement.
  • Period: to

    How long did the conflict last?

    The conflict had started in 1778 when the first clash had begun. These clashes had lasted over 146years. Nobody exactly knows for sure about when the last record of conflict had been recorded but they estimated it had ended in 1934.
  • Captain James Cook raises Union Jack on Sydney Cove

    Captain James Cook raises Union Jack on Sydney Cove
    On this day Capt. James Cook had raised the Union Jack in Sydney Cove within a couple of days the first sign of conflict had started.
  • The first Conflict between First Fleet arrivals

    The first Conflict between First Fleet arrivals
    The first conflict between the First Fleet arrivals and Aboriginal people takes place near Rushcutters Bay, Sydney. Two convicts are killed.
  • Period: to

    Hawkesbury snd Nepean Wars

    The Hawkesbury and Nepean wars had begun during the year of 1790 and had been going for over 26years ending in 1816. The Hawkesbury stone is a tribute to the Aborigines of this area before they were wiped out by the white invaders.
  • Batte for Richmond Hill

    Batte for Richmond Hill
    The battle for Richmond Hill happened in Sydney in 1795 and had lasted for a short period of time. In 2010 there was a memorial garden was created as a tribute to the fallen aborigines.
  • Period: to

    The Black Wars

    The Black Wars was a war that had lasted 6years. It was the start of Indiginous resistence against white invaders. This war had happened in the Hawkesbury and Parramatta area.
  • Pemulwuy and Tedbury

    Pemulwuy and Tedbury
    Pemulwuy was a war captain and was claimed to be unkillable by bullets in 1796 after being shot twice and surviving both times. Tedbury(his son) was now enraged by this and had started leading in attacks against the British.
  • Period: to

    Black Wars in Tasmania

  • Risdon Cove Shootings

    Risdon Cove Shootings
    On this day, William Moree, a Leuitenant of the NSW Rum Corps had killed between 30-60 Aboriginals and when he was asked about it said he had shot 3. Settlers are now able to shoot unarmed Aboriginals. The Indiginous slaughter has begun.
  • Im just Farming.

    Im just Farming.
    It was reported that farms on the edges of Sydney were being attacked by Aboriginal people and over 15indigenous people were killed including a leader/elder Carnabyagal.
  • New laws to stop conflict/resistence on settlers.

    New laws to stop conflict/resistence on settlers.
    Government brings in new laws on groups of Aborigines and how far they must be away. The new laws made it so that there could only be 6Aborigines in a group at one time and they must stay 6miles away from settlement.
  • Period: to

    Wiradjuri Resistence

    The Wiradjuri resistence had lasted 2years before the leader Windradyne. In 1824 there was group of British people killed and this threatened the British. A group of mounted police, settlers, stockmen and soldiers led an attack against an Aboriginal group killing as many as 100people.
  • Massacre at Bathurst

    Massacre at Bathurst
    The "Massacre at Bathurst" was a battle that had been fought in 1824. The battle started after a resistence group of Aborigines called "Waridjuri Resistence." Over 100 Aborigines were killed in this battle.
  • Period: to

    Port Phillip District Wars

    The Indigenous Koorie people resist against the large growing population of immigrants, settlers and sheep. This had happened in New South Wales and Victoria.
  • Bungaree dies

    Bungaree dies
    Bungaree was known for wearing "Naval" and "Military" uniforms. He had come from Broken Bay and was a go-between colonial Sydney.
  • Period: to

    Yagans' resistence

    Yagan led the Nyoongar resistence for 3years.
  • Yagan beheaded

    Yagan beheaded
    Yagan died in 1833 and was betrayed by 2 of his closest friends while having lunch. The boy who had shot the bullet into Yagan was William Keats. The killing of Yagan was called unjust and unfair treatment of Indigenous people. His head was taken to a history museum to look at and be studied.
  • Battle of Pinjarra

    Battle of Pinjarra
    In October on no certain date Governor Stirling leads a party of men to a site known today as Pinjarra, on the Swan River. Over 80 Aborigines were killed and 25 British men were killed.This battle was made to punish the Indigenous people for a killing of a settle in April south of Perth.
  • Massacre at Gravesand

    Massacre at Gravesand
    The "Massacre at Gravesand" was fought at Gravesand which is located in New South Wales. Over 200people in total were killed.
  • Slaughterhouse Creek

    Slaughterhouse Creek
    Major Nunn had an army of mounted police, set out in response to conflict on the Liverpool Plains, NSW. At Vinegar Hill, a site on ‘Slaughterhouse Creek’, 60 - 70 Aboriginal people are reported killed. The only British injury was a corporal who had been speared in the leg.
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