Literary Timeline

By omitc1
  • Period: to

    Important Events in Australia

    These events are mostly about Aboriginals and Torres Strait islanders.
  • First Fleet

    First Fleet
    Colli Crew writes of 'invasion' This event effected many aboriginals. I think that they would feel frightened and surprised by the new people.
  • Infectious Disease

    Infectious Disease
    Nanberry by Jackie French = "the time for death" (p.13) = an end of Aboriginal Australian world Many people would have died from this disease.
  • Aboriginals were introduced to Christanity

    Aboriginals were introduced to Christanity
    Numbers of Europeans came to protect the Indigenous people in Australia and to educate them to be Christians. The Aborignals would feel angry and confused about these events.
  • Stolen Generations began

    Stolen Generations began
    The Stolen Generation began and ended in the 1970's. The Stolen Generation went on for around 80 years. The Aboriginals felt hatred and fear for the Europeans. After this event the Aboriginals had to buy back their traditional lands.
  • Federation

    'White Australian Policy' Aboriginals would have felt angry and frustrated.
  • Rabbit Proof fence

    Rabbit Proof fence
    A mother beating her head with a rock Aboriginals would have felt angry and frightened when this event accured. The Aboriginal children were taken to a place where there was a lot of white. They were then checked for how white they were, if they were white enough they'd be able to go to a school with with white children, if they weren't white enough they'd stay at the place that they were brought to.
  • Charlie Perkins

    Charlie Perkins
    Them freedom riders (Colli Crew) Aboriginals would have felt hopeful.
  • From Little Things Big Things Grow

    From Little Things Big Things Grow
    Frank Hardy wrote it: 1966. Sung by Paul Kelly/The Messengers: 1991. Sung again by Paul Kelly/Kev Carmody: 1993.
    The main message in the song is that the Aboriginal people are fighting for their land back.
    The lines; "Vincent said uhuh we're not talking about wages, We're sitting right here till we get our land" stood out because it's an example of what the Aboriginals did to get their land back.
    Respect is shown in the song, the Aboriginal people stopped eating and taking wages to get the land.
  • Assimilation

    Aboriginals would've felt hopeful when they were finally starting to be accepted into the local community.
  • Wave Hill Station strike begins

    Wave Hill Station strike begins
    "From little things big things grow..." Paul Kelly & Kev Carmody...[The beginnings of recognition of Indigenous Peoples' rights] Aboriginals wouldhave felt hopeful and slilghtly less angry.
  • Referendum

    Colli Crew; "not just flora and fauna" The aboriginals would still feel angry but they woud also have felt hopeful.
  • Kill to eat - Aboriginal Story

    Kill to eat - Aboriginal Story
    The story "Kill to eat" is about five Aboriginal children who are hunting birds but the eldest brother misses for once and the other children laugh, the brother gets mad and randomly fires his weapon, it hits a kookaburra and badly injures it. The children are punished for killing the Kookaburra.
    Also, in the story it tells important values such as family, respect, honesty and tradition.
    I think that Aboriginals would like this story because it tells about their natural Aboriginal rules.
  • My Island Home_Warumpi Band

    My Island Home_Warumpi Band
    The song My Island Home was written by Neil Murray and was originally performed by the Warumpi Band in 1986 and was released in 1987. I think that this song would make the Aboriginal people feel understood.
  • Treaty

    Yothu Yindi - Treaty - "Promises can disappear like writing in the sand..." By Prime Minister Bob Hawke. The treaty was made for the Aboriginal, they would feel happier and more hopeful about acceptance.
    "'Treaty' refers to a promise made to the Traditional Custodians" stood out to me because it shows what the Government did for the Indigenous peoples. The value of respect was used, the Government made a treaty with the Aboriginals because they started to respect them.
  • Mabo overturns 'terra nullius'

    Mabo overturns 'terra nullius'
    Aboriginals wouldn't feel angry anymore.
  • My Island Home_Christine Anu

    My Island Home_Christine Anu
    The song My Island Home was performed by Christine Anu in 1995.
  • Film 'Rabbit proof fence'

    Film 'Rabbit proof fence'
    The film 'Rabbit proof fence' was made based on the famous book about the stolen generations. Some of the events in the film were exaggerted to position the reader to feel more excited or anxious. I think that the Aboriginals would feel good avbout the film because it shows how tough it was for the Aboriginals during that time.
  • The apology speech

    The apology speech
    "Turn a new page by righting the wrongs of the past..." The aboriginals would feel thankful and very hopeful.
  • The Gowrie Boys

    The Gowrie Boys
    "Welcome to the brotherhood." Kin Island (Pitt $ Janke) "That's my totem...Beizan (shark)" - "Keeping Connected" The aboriginals would feel happy about finally being accepted into Australia.