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History aboriginal rights after federation

  • 1901 Federation.

    Aboriginal people are not classified as citezens of Australia and are not allowed to vote. They are placed under Fora and Fauna act.
  • Period: to

    aboriginal rights after federation

  • 1905

    1905 Aboriginal 'half caste' people under legal guardianship in WA Aboriginal people, or 'half caste' people in Western Australia under the age of 16 are placed under legal guardianship of the Chief Protector of WA.
  • 1911

    1911 SA Aboriginal 'half caste' people are taken under legal guardianship. South Australian Aboriginal and 'Half Caste' children under 21 are placed under legal guardianship of the Chief Protector of SA. They have no rights to be with their people when they are under 21.
  • 1911

    1911 NT Aboriginal and 'half caste' people are forced into a settlement. Northern Territory Aboriginal and 'Half Caste' people can be all forced into a settlement or mission and the Chief Protector is made the Legal Guardian of every child under 18 and can be removed at will. The rights are taken from them to live with there family and are under control by the chief protector.
  • 1914

    1914 Aboriginal People serve as Soldiers at Gallipoli. Aboriginal People go to Galipoli to help the Australian at war. The aboriginals have the right to go to war.
  • 1915

    1915 Aboriginal kids are taken away from their familes. Aboriginal children can be removed in NSW and other states without a court hearing. Aboriginal kids have no right to live with their family's. And are not fairly given a court hearing.
  • 1925

    1925 NSW Aboriginal Protection Board is apposed. New South Wales Aborigines Protection Board is apposed by the newly formed
    Australian Aborigines' Progressive Association
  • 1926

    1926 11 Aboriginal people murdered in police custody.
    11 Aboriginal People are murdered in police custody after the killing of a European
    in Dala. Dala being in Western Australia. No one was prosecuted. Aboriginal people
    do not have the same rights as white people. Because if the killers had killed a white
    person they would be charged.
  • 1928

    1928 30 Aboriginal people shot. After a man who Trapped Dingos for a living was killed, White People, including Police, killed over 30 Aboriginal People by shooting them. This happenend in Coniston and is commenly known as the Conniston Massacre. The massacre encouraged an enquirey into the conditions of Aboriginal People in the Northern Territory. The rights for a aboriginal person are shown here as the the killer is not being charged.
  • 1934

    1934 Aboriginal people can apply to be 'non Aboriginal'. To have access to the same right as Whites, Aboriginal People can apply to 'cease being Aboriginal' to the Aborigines Act. The aboriginals are allowed to have their rights if they sign their aboriginal culture over to the whites. This is still very unfair as the aboriginal people should be allowed to live their culture and their ways to life.
  • 1936

    1936 Aboriginal people in WA must have permission to enter towns. In WA permission must be granted for an Aboriginal person to enter a town and the Aboriginal Act is changed so that Aboriginal people can be put in jail without a trial. The aboriginal people do not have equal rights as the white person would be able to have a court trial before going to jail and would not need permission to enter towns.
  • 1937

    1937 The british government made assimilation policies so that the aboriginal people blended in and lived like an average white person. So the right to the aboriginal people to live their live and their culture(beliefs). Is taken from them.
  • 1937

    Seperation of Aboriginal people continued. Schools refused Aboriginal Enrolment, hospital, and theatres had separate areas for whites and Aboriginal People, and hotels (pubs) refused drinks to Aboriginl people. it is very unfair because the white people ask them to sign their aboriginal identity away to live a good life but the white people still treat them like fora and fauna act. until 1938.
  • 1938

    1938 The Abo Call. Australian Abo Call, a Sydney monthly newspaper pleads equal opportunity and treatment for Aboriginal people. The rights for aboriginal people were starting to turn and treat any color the same as a normal person.
  • 1940

    1940 SA Premier Sir Thomas Playford requested to the Commonwealth Government to pay maternity and old age pension to the Aboriginal people. The aboriginal people were starting to gain rights because others were advocating for them and taking care of them.
  • 1948

    1948 Aboriginals who have served in the defence forces or who are entitled to enrol in state elections are given the right to vote at Federal Elections.
  • 1948

    1948 Australia supports the United Nations to adopt The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • 1951

    1951 The Northern Territory makes Aboriginal People wards of the State (a ward is someone placed under the protection of a legal guardian), discriminating against them in employement and pay. International concern is expressed about the way we treated Aboriginal People. The aboriginal people are put in protection.
  • 1951

    1951 All states and Territories except Victoria and Tasmania attend a conference for Native Welfare adopting a policy of Assimilation. Assimiliation meaning that Aboriginal people are expected to live like White Australians do. The aboriginal people have no right to live their life with their beliefs and their culture.
  • 1960

    1960 Old aged pentions and other social services were given to Aborigianl People.
  • 1961

    1961 All States and Territories ammended their leagislatin after the Conference of National Welfare Ministers. Agreeing to incorporate Aboriginal People into the White system and agree to aducate White Australian about Aboriginal Culture.
  • 1961

    1961 All States and Territories ammended their leagislatin after the Conference of National Welfare Ministers. Agreeing to incorporate Aboriginal People into the White system and agree to aducate White Australian about Aboriginal Culture.
  • 1962

    1962 Western Australia, Queensland and the NT amend the act to allow Aboriginal People to vote.
  • early 1980's

    The early 1980s were a time where the Aboriginal land rights movement came very close to achieving its main goal.
  • 1982

    In 1982 and 1984 Labor Party national conferences endorsed nation-wide land rights, including the core principles that Aboriginal people would control mining on Aboriginal land, as well as enjoy mining royalty equivalents and negotiated compensation for lost territory [2].
  • 1983

    In the 1983 federal election the Hawke government had promised legislation to ensure “land rights are achieved for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people throughout Australia and their cultural sites and objects are fully protected”
  • 2010

    2010 Sorry Day Kevin Rudd saids sorry to all the Aboriginal families for what they have done to their ansestors